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Commentary by President Maddison Lake

For decades, a small group of people (us) have bought thousands of storage units from auctions, we have sold millions of dollars worth of inventory and made alot of money. About a year ago, we identified a unique but major problem; we were spending upward to half our time simply looking for storage auctions themselves and a national storage auction list did not exist. This of course cost us time and money, over the years we have built a unique and efficient system locating storage unit auction, bin, piece and lien sales in all 50 states. We are now bringing this system to you, and voila you have But don't worry, you will not see us at auctions, bidding against you anytime soon. We have retired from the business to concentrate on helping fellow bidders.

Once you have subscribed to one of our storage auction lists, you will see an amazing difference in the way you buy Storage Units. Whether you have found us through Google by searching storage auctions or have seen our advertisments on History Channel and A&E Networks' Storage Wars or simply have been handed a business card at an auction, our lists will have you buying better product immediately.

Problem: too many people at Storage Auctions

Yes, over the years storage auctions have been growing in popularity, so much so, that people have literally stopped going because the bids have gotten too high. This is because the majority of the auctions people attend are highly advertised by the storage facility and the auctioneers. We have staff, to this day, going to less advertised auctions to spread the word of and they find that there are only 12 people there, this means you can win auctions for much much less.

Given that covers every single facility in all 50 states you can pick auctions that nobody knows about.

We would love to talk to you, answer your questions or simply chat on the phone! You can call us during our business hours.

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