How To Dispose of an Old Refrigerator

After being in the storage auction business for any serious length of time, you’re bound to come across an old refrigerator. Perhaps the refrigerator is placed in the center of the unit where you and other bidders can easily see it, or maybe it’s buried beneath a pile of rubble. Regardless, as the winning bidder it’s your responsibility to properly dispose of it. And failure to do so could result in your name being blacklisted from future auctions, which can …

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Opening an Antiques Shop

Do you have a knack for collecting and studying antiques? If so, you should consider opening your own antique shop. This will allow you to leverage your knowledge and expertise towards creating a profitable, lasting business. And while other retail industries come and go, antiques are here to stay. To help you get started on the right foot, we’ve compiled a list of the top “do’s” and “dont’s” of opening an antique shop. Don’t: Blindly Purchase Antiques Without Researching One …

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5 Tips For Operating a Thrift Store Business

Running a successful thrift store is no easy task; while the competition is typically low (when compared to other retail industries), owners must learn how to accurately price some truly unique one-of-a-kind products. Purchasing or selling high-value products for the wrong price could harm your business in several different ways. Of course, this is just one of the many things new store owners should be aware of. For more tips on how to open a successful retail thrift store, keep …

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Essential Tips For Running a Successful Antiques Store

Do you have a passion for buying and selling antiques? If so, than you might find running your own antiques store to be a fun and financially rewarding endevour. It gives you the opportunity to see and hold some one-of-a-kind items while interacting with other like-minded antique collectors on a daily basis. If this sounds like something you are interested in, keep reading for some essential tips on how to operate a successful antiques business. Understand Price Valuation One of …

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Estate Sale Success

A Weekend Schedule of Sales Estate Sales, Garage Sales, Flea Markets and Junk Stores are a weekend ritual for me. I figure out my Itinerary for a Saturday Journey by putting into my agenda the address, time and special sale items as advertised for each type of sale. I load up on my quarters and one-dollar bills and drive the planned route. Some of the sales are loaded with shopper’s spending money like they have been lost in a gold …

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Fabric Found

Fabric Found   I have been a life long seamstress. My mother is an incredible designer/seamstress who dressed her 3 daughters in clothing with so much style, that we would have to “Model” our outfits everywhere we went.   My Aunt took sewing to an Exquisite Art Form creating clothing with amazing detail and perfection. My Grandmother made quilts and blankets and pillows and pajamas that were done with so much love, that I have kept them all of these …

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Swip Swap – A Facebook Adventure Part 2

Swip Swap: A Facebook Adventure Part 2 Hometown Love At the moment, I belong to 30 different Swip Swap Groups …  all based in my little town!! Most of the Swip Swap sites I belong to are developed by folks who live in MY town and they are just for folks who live in MY town. When you post an item for sale, you will probably sell it to someone you know or a neighbor or friends from the grocery …

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Swip Swap – A Facebook Adventure in Sales

Swip Swap   Everyone likes a little extra cash!!! Whether you are cleaning out the Storage Unit that you just won at auction, The garage Or the basement, There is a NEW WAY to sell your STUFF!!!!   Shutterstock/John T Takai It’s TOO Hot/Cold for a Garage Sale I whine!! Garage Sales in Florida are like garage sales in the northern tier of the country.  They are seasonal!  No one has a garage sale in Michigan in February!!! Not only …

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Repurpose Old Doors

  After spending months regaling my friend Pete with stories about Storage Unit Auctions and writing a Blog for Storage Unit Auction List, He FINALLY attended an auction!! And he bid!!! And he won!!! Pete bid on 3 different units and got so caught up with the excitement that he spent top dollar to win!! He got each of the units for $10, $12 and $50!!! Pete was thrilled! For $72, Pete purchased 400 square feet of well…Stuff!!!   “I …

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How (and when!) to Haggle at Flea Markets and Garage Sales

How to haggle at places like auctions, flea markets and garage sales can be difficult to navigate – how to haggle, when it is appropriate, when it’s not, etc.; are questions I get All the time!! Usually, we are at a flea market or garage sale when the whispered question comes up, “What should I pay for this?” And I usually answer, “I don’t know!” Honestly, I really DON’T know!!! But I base my idea on what to pay or …

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Antique Furniture: Refurbish into Fabulous!

As Summer begins and the school year finishes, vacations are being planned. For those of us lucky enough to live in Florida beach towns, Summer means hot, steamy weather and the arrival of millions of tourists. We learn pretty quickly each year to plan trips to the grocery store, movie theaters and restaurants to coincide with lighter traffic times. Personally, I crank up my air conditioner and Netflix and stay home most weekends!!! When I do finally wander out of …

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