Antique Furniture

The Do’s and Don’ts of Opening an Antiques Shop

Do you have a knack for collecting and studying antiques? If so, you should consider opening your own antique shop. This will allow you to leverage your knowledge and expertise towards creating a profitable, lasting business. And while other retail industries come and go, antiques are here to stay. To help you get started on the right foot, we’ve compiled a list of the top “do’s” and “dont’s” of opening an antique shop. Don’t: Blindly Purchase Antiques Without Researching One …

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Swip Swap – A Facebook Adventure Part 2

Swip Swap: A Facebook Adventure Part 2 Hometown Love At the moment, I belong to 30 different Swip Swap Groups …  all based in my little town!! Most of the Swip Swap sites I belong to are developed by folks who live in MY town and they are just for folks who live in MY town. When you post an item for sale, you will probably sell it to someone you know or a neighbor or friends from the grocery …

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Repurpose Old Doors

  After spending months regaling my friend Pete with stories about Storage Unit Auctions and writing a Blog for Storage Unit Auction List, He FINALLY attended an auction!! And he bid!!! And he won!!! Pete bid on 3 different units and got so caught up with the excitement that he spent top dollar to win!! He got each of the units for $10, $12 and $50!!! Pete was thrilled! For $72, Pete purchased 400 square feet of well…Stuff!!!   “I …

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Antique Furniture: Refurbish into Fabulous!

As Summer begins and the school year finishes, vacations are being planned. For those of us lucky enough to live in Florida beach towns, Summer means hot, steamy weather and the arrival of millions of tourists. We learn pretty quickly each year to plan trips to the grocery store, movie theaters and restaurants to coincide with lighter traffic times. Personally, I crank up my air conditioner and Netflix and stay home most weekends!!! When I do finally wander out of …

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