Organizing A New Space

I have just moved into a new home. After 12 years of having the same address, I have forgotten the pain, sore muscles and incredible disorganization that comes with moving an entire household. I found the toilet paper and the TV and I know how to order pizza. But, sitting on a chair that is piled with winter coats devouring the pizza and watching old shows on Netflix is not the vision I had of living in my new house! …

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Storage Units for Spring Cleaning

I never thought of this before, but it makes perfectly good sense to me! Use a self storage unit for spring cleaning! Every few years, a house needs to be thoroughly cleaned, painted and waxed from top to bottom. Pushing the furniture around a room while laying new tile or leaning a bed against a wall while floors are being sanded can cause all sorts of anxiety. So, why not just get it all out of the way and let …

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