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Estate Sales – The Stories Behind the Belongings

While Estate Sales can occur for myriad reasons (such as during a divorce or anytime someone wants to significantly downsize their belongings), they mostly occur when someone  has either passed away or can no longer live on their own safely and must now reside in a nursing home or other facility. The family, relatives, friends or neighbors are left with the task of liquidating the “things” that made this person’s life and abode a home. It can be incredibly sad, …

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Resale – Theatre Treasure Hunt, Part III

(Recap from Chapter One and Two!!! I had the mumps in third grade; was destined to read a Nancy Drew book a day while I recovered; was convinced I WAS Nancy Drew; Grew up and got a job as a researcher and BECAME Nancy Drew; Job was to investigate what happened to old theatres and when found any that were still standing, made contact with owner of old theatre and sent my “Guy in the Field” out to the old …

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An Inside Look at Storage Auctions, From Rookie Auction Hunter Jack Walsh

There are many ways for someone to get started in the storage auction hunting business. Some people have been in the business for years full time. Some may have gotten the bug from watching Storage Wars in the past few years and decided to give the business a try, prepping excitedly before their first auction, imagining how their experience will vary in comparison to the show. Some people start out by trying to find auctions themselves, while others subscribe to …

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Customer Profile-Bill Ott, Distressed Restorations

At Storage Unit Auction List we are very lucky to have a loyal fan base of subscribers who are independent business owners and entrepreneurs with great stories to share and who have tons of information on the auction and resale business.  Recently, I got the chance to interview one such subscriber, Bill Ott of Distressed Restorations in Elicott City, Maryland. We are thankful anytime one of our subscribers so willingly allows us to pick their brains for insight into the …

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An Interview with John: an Educated Buyer

Here at Storage Unit Auction List, we love talking to our subscribers. Any time we can chat with you and hear about your experiences in the industry, using our services, or anything else storage auction related…we pretty much jump on the opportunity. Trust me, we’re all ears. So when one of my coworkers here in the office passed on John’s contact information to me, I was very excited to have the chance to talk to him. In the 3 years …

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Customer Profile: LadyLocks58

Today I had a nice chat with one of our subscribers, a woman named Fran Kass—also known as Ladylocks58. I discovered Fran after she left us a great comment on Storage Unit Auction List’s Facebook. With a name as cool as LadyLocks58, I knew I had to find out more about her. I’m glad I did! Fran is part blogger, part storage hunter, and all kinds of awesome. She’s bold, quick witted, and has a great sense of humor—three things …

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Meet James “Griff” Griffith: Storage Warrior, Desert Prowler, California Swap Meet King provides storage auction attending information to thousands of subscribers in every state in the country.  However, sheer numbers don’t tell the whole story.  Of those thousands, there are elite veteran storage hunters who subscribe to us on a yearly basis.  I’ve been scouring the country for  full-time practitioners who know this business inside and out, who can tell us what it’s like out there for an authentic storage flipper.  I knew that if I kept digging, I would find …

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Dennis's Consignment Shop on

Meet Dennis Kostrzewski: Former Number Cruncher, Foolproof Storage Hunter

As the storage auction hunting market continues to attract newcomers, a lot of the faithful have fallen off due to increasingly large bidding crowds.  Maybe they were too stubborn to adjust to the throng of “Lookey Loos,” who usually turn out to be as harmless as a swarm of flies.  Maybe they mistakenly saw the new market as a sinking ship, so they walked away with their pride intact, cursing Storage Wars and everything else that made storage auctions go …

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