Estate Sale Success

A Weekend Schedule of Sales Estate Sales, Garage Sales, Flea Markets and Junk Stores are a weekend ritual for me. I figure out my Itinerary for a Saturday Journey by putting into my agenda the address, time and special sale items as advertised for each type of sale. I load up on my quarters and one-dollar bills and drive the planned route. Some of the sales are loaded with shopper’s spending money like they have been lost in a gold …

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Fabric Found

Fabric Found   I have been a life long seamstress. My mother is an incredible designer/seamstress who dressed her 3 daughters in clothing with so much style, that we would have to “Model” our outfits everywhere we went.   My Aunt took sewing to an Exquisite Art Form creating clothing with amazing detail and perfection. My Grandmother made quilts and blankets and pillows and pajamas that were done with so much love, that I have kept them all of these …

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Swip Swap – A Facebook Adventure Part 2

Swip Swap: A Facebook Adventure Part 2 Hometown Love At the moment, I belong to 30 different Swip Swap Groups …  all based in my little town!! Most of the Swip Swap sites I belong to are developed by folks who live in MY town and they are just for folks who live in MY town. When you post an item for sale, you will probably sell it to someone you know or a neighbor or friends from the grocery …

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Swip Swap – A Facebook Adventure in Sales

Swip Swap   Everyone likes a little extra cash!!! Whether you are cleaning out the Storage Unit that you just won at auction, The garage Or the basement, There is a NEW WAY to sell your STUFF!!!!   Shutterstock/John T Takai It’s TOO Hot/Cold for a Garage Sale I whine!! Garage Sales in Florida are like garage sales in the northern tier of the country.  They are seasonal!  No one has a garage sale in Michigan in February!!! Not only …

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Repurpose Old Doors

  After spending months regaling my friend Pete with stories about Storage Unit Auctions and writing a Blog for Storage Unit Auction List, He FINALLY attended an auction!! And he bid!!! And he won!!! Pete bid on 3 different units and got so caught up with the excitement that he spent top dollar to win!! He got each of the units for $10, $12 and $50!!! Pete was thrilled! For $72, Pete purchased 400 square feet of well…Stuff!!!   “I …

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A Storage Unit for One and All

This weekend I went out and did a little shopping. The stores were PACKED with Back To School Shoppers! I miss those days!!! New notebooks, fresh pencils and the hopes for a Successful New Year!! I ran into a friend who was with her grand child doing shopping duties for a return to school.  She had a bedraggled look about her and when I stopped to say Hello, I asked her if things were good.   Well, it seems my …

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Recycle, Upcycle, and Reuse, Oh My!

Recycle, Upcycle, and Reuse, Oh My! As a Junker, collector, antique hunter and artist, I feel that it is my responsibility, my duty, nay my obligation to Recycle – Upcycle –Repurpose and Reuse. Recycling is a great way to give back to our planet, but a new movement called Upycling could be the new Recycling. What Upcycling means is taking a discarded item and reusing it in such a way to create a higher purpose! One of my favorite Upcycles …

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DIY, 4th of July!

4th of July & the Red, White and Blue Hip Hip Hooray for the 4th of July!!! We are now in the center of Summertime fun!! Family, Fireworks, Picnics; All adding up to a Holiday tinged with the Red, White and Blue Colors, Mass amounts of Patriotism and Flags!!! Flags on houses, Flags on Bikes, Flags on mailboxes, Flags on T-shirts , Flags on Dogs and Flags on Poles!! I have decided that today’s blog entry will be all about …

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Let’s Get Organized! More Organizational / Upcycle Ideas for the Overcrowded Home

Recap: I am having new floors put in and while it has left my home in a total state of disaster, it has also given me the perfect opportunity to organize, upcycle, and get rid of things I haven’t seen in 7 years!!! Organization is Hard Work!!! I have always considered myself a very organized person! I remember my mother in law coming over one day and peering into my kitchen rag drawer.  She burst out laughing!! When I asked what was so funny, …

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Upcycle Ideas for the Overcrowded Home Part I

I am no expert on getting rid of stuff!!! I think “getting rid of stuff” is ONE of the reasons we rent storage units.  We move our least used items out of our homes and into a small garage type facility that we rent so that we can essentially “think” about getting rid of this stuff eventually!! We are just NOT ready to get rid of it NOW!! I have lived at my current address for seven years.  Even though …

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12 DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Happy Father’s Day to All the Dad’s out there! Both of my Parents are Artists. To say I grew up artistically inclined is like saying I breathe to live!! Both of my Parents are also Naturalists and we spent a good deal of our childhood living in tents on camping trips, exploring back woods parts of the world! We knew the names of trees, the calls of birds and the difference between an agate and a petosky stone before we were …

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The Art of Taking Pictures of Items for Resale

Taking Pictures of an item that you wish to resell online is just as easy as “Point and Click,” right? WRONG!!!! There is an Art to taking GOOD Photographs whether for your memory albums or for posting a picture of that Beautiful Vase of Aunt Edna’s that you no longer have room for and really, really think you can sell for 100 buckaroos! Photographs are like books.  They tell a story: The who, what, when, where, why and how of …

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Antique Furniture: Refurbish into Fabulous!

As Summer begins and the school year finishes, vacations are being planned. For those of us lucky enough to live in Florida beach towns, Summer means hot, steamy weather and the arrival of millions of tourists. We learn pretty quickly each year to plan trips to the grocery store, movie theaters and restaurants to coincide with lighter traffic times. Personally, I crank up my air conditioner and Netflix and stay home most weekends!!! When I do finally wander out of …

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Memorial Weekend Sales: How to Prepare!

So, It’s that Time Again – Memorial Weekend!! The time that the Summer Season Begins.. Memorial Day 2014 is the first Warm Weather Holiday of the year. And it kicks off some of my favorite things: Garage Sales Flea Markets Estate Sales Picnics Cookouts Beaches And My Favorite Flip Flops Memorial Weekend is a great time to get out there and find some treasures!! Auctions, garage or yard sales, and even retail stores always offer great bargains over the holiday weekend! …

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I am addicted to boxes. There I said it! Now it is OUT there! (sigh)  I must find a 12-step program!!!   I have no idea why I have a fascination with boxes!   Perhaps it is because I move…A LOT! 55 times so far as a matter of fact!  So, boxes always seem to be piled up ready to be unpacked or packed up…Again!!!   Or, maybe it is that I like a square design!!   Or, I like the …

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Painted Chairs

Finding furniture at ridiculously low prices at garage sales and auctions is like finding the surprises at an Easter Egg Hunt!!!!  They inspire such a creative Burst!!! I have never been one of those “All Furniture must Match” kind of people, so when I find a chair or a couch or an old table, well, I MUST make it my own!!!   No Fear I say!!!   And the words No Fear has become very big in the world of decorating!  Art has come off …

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Natural Born Organizer

I am a natural born organizer!!! Lucky for me, because I am also a natural born collector of things!!!   If I DIDN’T organize all the things that I collect, I would appear on the Dr. Phil Show as someone with deep seated problems or I would go on one of the many Hoarder shows and simply let their people tell my people which plastic box my stuff goes in and then they could all pile it on top of …

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Home Décor Vignettes

So, I wrote about how to put your “finds” and treasures together and sell them. Now, I’m going to show you how to arrange them in your home so that they become a part of your Décor!!!   Although I am not a certified Interior Decorator, I have loved decorating, rearranging and setting up rooms since I was a young teenager.  I had to share a bedroom with my two sisters and there was a six-year age difference between oldest (me) and …

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Here’s another thought on how to get the most bang for your hard-earned buck from your storage unit. You did your research, you snagged the bin you wanted at the auction. Trust your budget, your instinct, and your bidding savvy. Now it’s time to squeeze absolutely every possible dollar out of that investment. Sure, with all the time in the world, you can off-load even more items at your resell business; but, who has all the time in the world?! …


One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s…Vintage Suitcase Chair

So you’ve sifted through all of the vinyl, the nicely finished dining room sets, and the passable mattresses, it’s time to load up everything else in your locker and haul it over to the dump, right? I mean all this stuff is junk, isn’t it? The clearly identifiable collectibles are going gently into the back seat; but, I thought the rest of this has no real resale value. Confused yet? Okay, folks, I’m gonna make it up to you. Let’s …

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Do It Yourself Bookshelf

Many of the most basic items that you find in storage unit auctions can be turned into sellable furniture and home decor with a few hours of work and restoration. Even items that may not seem like furniture all can be restored and improved to serve both a functional and decorative purpose in your home, or to be sold online, at the flea market, or in your store location. This week’s restoration project idea comes from Pinterest, one of the …

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A Unique Refurbishing Project

We regularly update the blog with simple Do It Yourself guides for refurbishing furniture and home goods and giving them a new life. Many items won at storage auctions will need the extra care to maximize profit and to sell your item for more than you bought it for as part of the storage unit. This week, we’ve stumbled on a clever idea for anybody who is a fan of the industrial look, and the best part is-it costs under …

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DIY Chair Restoration in 5 Simple Steps

As a storage auction hunter, you have to have many skills. You have to be perceptive to bid, you have to be able to turn yourself into a sales person following the auction, and you have to have many other skill sets to have long lasting success, such as organizational skills. You have to have a DIY attitude when it comes to your business, and this includes finding damaged furniture in storage units and prepping it for resale. Luckily, some …

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