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Storage 101

SpareFoot’s Most Frequently-Asked Questions When SpareFoot released their Ultimate Guide to Everything Self-Storage last month, they wanted to answer all of your burning storage questions and provide a few neat tips to help you move in and move on. Now, they’re jump starting your storage experience with the top 10 most frequently-asked storage questions, all in a beautiful, SpareFoot-yellow infographic! Check it out by clicking the image link below.   Shared By: Matthew Stites at SpareFoot  


Storage Unit Auctions: The Not-So Desirable Finds

So, the other day, Chelsea, who works here at and is an amazing and creative writer, researcher and finder of Far Out Facts, came to me with this piece she had worked on and asked me what I thought. “Whoa!” I hollered. “Everyone needs to read this!!!!! OMG!!!! Amazing!” So, with that being said…Chelsea and her fascinating work, takes over the blog today! Very very Interesting!!! What do YOU think? What really lies behind the doors of storage units…? …

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Warm Weather is Here: Time to Refurbish Your Outdoor Furniture

Sunny days and seasonable temperatures have arrived! It’s time to get back outside and take advantage of the pleasant weather by going to more auctions. Outdoor auctions can be pretty dreary on cold and rainy days. Not to mention that all the moisture might  negatively effect the goods you just fought other bidders tooth-and-nail for!   The bloom of spring and the coming of summer gives you an opportunity to do some work outdoors. Temperate weather allows you to refurbish …

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Guest Blog: A Look At Ohio’s New Storage Lien Laws

On December 20, Ohio’s governor John Kasich signed an amended bill into law allowing self-storage operators to advertise lien sales in other commercial outlets. Operators are no longer limited to using local newspapers as advertising channels for self-storage auctions, which saves them considerable amounts of time and money. For Ohio in particular, auction notices formerly had to be published once a week for two consecutive weeks in a newspaper of “general circulation in the county where the facility was located.” …

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Guest Blog: Organizing Your Winnings

  Winning a storage auction is awesome, especially when there are a lot of valuable items inside, but the subsequent organization process that follows can be trying at times. Personally, I recommend creating three piles – one for items I intend to sell immediately, another for things I intend to keep in my home, and a third for the items I will place in storage for the time being. Although it’s somewhat ironic that some of the treasures that you’ve …

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