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The History of Storage Unit Auctions

I’ve had many ask why I get so into these auctions, and it’s simply because nothing else provides the real-time adrenaline I get from auctioning on the contents of a storage unit! I find it incredibly rewarding to win an auction only to find that what’s contained within the unit is worth far more than what I paid. I can almost always turn a profit, and a nice one at that. In addition, it’s just incredibly fun! A natural born …

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Estate Sales – The Stories Behind the Belongings

While Estate Sales can occur for myriad reasons (such as during a divorce or anytime someone wants to significantly downsize their belongings), they mostly occur when someone  has either passed away or can no longer live on their own safely and must now reside in a nursing home or other facility. The family, relatives, friends or neighbors are left with the task of liquidating the “things” that made this person’s life and abode a home. It can be incredibly sad, …

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Resale – Theatre Treasure Hunt, Part III

(Recap from Chapter One and Two!!! I had the mumps in third grade; was destined to read a Nancy Drew book a day while I recovered; was convinced I WAS Nancy Drew; Grew up and got a job as a researcher and BECAME Nancy Drew; Job was to investigate what happened to old theatres and when found any that were still standing, made contact with owner of old theatre and sent my “Guy in the Field” out to the old …

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Auctioned Art: Picasso’s Not So Priceless Piece

There are few things as satisfying as winning a valuable storage locker, and turning a profit on it. But it’s not always about making a buck. Auctions can be very exciting  for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes it’s the fierce competition between bidders; the breakneck cadence of the auctioneer’s voice; the thrill of winning an item;  the resounding thwack of the auctioneer’s gavel as it declares a victor. Those reasons, and more are what keep us coming back time, and time …

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A History of Pinball! Part 2

Arcade games, and pin ball games in particular have a long and storied history and took years to evolve into the game that we recognize and love today. Growing up as the granddaughter of a bowling alley proprietor, I have never been a stranger to arcade games, but I had no idea that they had such a checkered history. Before games started to be designed with flippers at the base of the game that allowed the player to use skill …

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A History of Pinball!

For most people, there are just certain things that we love and make up who we are. For  these things that we love, in many instances, there is usually an excellent genesis story. I love and have loved for most of my life video games, computer games, and arcade games. For me, the genesis of my love of these things starts with my grandfather. My paternal grandfather owned and operated a family friendly bowling alley for decades, Pla Mor Bowling …

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