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Unexpected Scares of Self-Storage

Okay, so it was a few months ago at this point, and here at, we would like to consider ourselves on the cusp of all things self-storage related. It may have taken a few weeks to find it, but I caught Woodhaven Production’s Self Storage. Never having been a huge horror film enthusiast—though I try every other month and see if my tastes have (d)evolved at all—, I was able to justify a screening at my place as research. Can’t …

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Self Storage Facilities Doing Good & Paying It Forward

This week I’ve got information on a new horror movie that takes place inside a storage facility. That’s two in the last six months! Storage facilities sure seem like dangerous places to be hanging out lately! While these new movies may have you quaking in your boots, have no fear because storage facilities aren’t such scary places after all. To prove it, I found some great stories about storage facilities paying it forward and doing some good in their communities. Storage 24 Previously we …

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