A Unique Refurbishing Project

We regularly update the blog with simple Do It Yourself guides for refurbishing furniture and home goods and giving them a new life. Many items won at storage auctions will need the extra care to maximize profit and to sell your item for more than you bought it for as part of the storage unit.

This week, we've stumbled on a clever idea for anybody who is a fan of the industrial look, and the best part is-it costs under $30 to complete the project and while we'll show you one example of a completed project, this treatment can be used on many different pieces of furniture and surfaces. This cost effective project is much more economical than buying traditional stainless steel furniture and offers a unique take on the old standard, using just aluminum foil as the covering to any furniture piece that you've won in storage auctions.

What You'll Need:

Wallpaper Paste
Lots of Aluminum Foil
Black Acrylic Paint

Getting Started

tinfoil tableOnce you've opened your wallpaper paste and mixed it up, you're ready to start your project. Then, take your alumnium foil and cut several squares. The amount of aluminum foil you'll need is dependent on the item that you're planning to cover. Simply paste the aluminum foil to the surface.

But be wary of using to much paste. Using glue or more paste than necessary will cause a headache and cause the foil to bubble up and pucker and will not dry. You'll end up having to employ the "just in case" scraper to remove your hard work. So work slowly!

As you work, use your hands to create subtle creases in the aluminum foil as it is drying. This adds a bit of character and texture to your item and keeps it from looking generic.

Once you've let the entire item dry, you'll add a coat of black acrylic paint to the entire surface of the item. This step isn't necessary, but again, like creating creases, this gives the item an interesting texture and vibe. You'll want to smooth off the excess paint before it dries so that you're left with just remnant of the color, similar to some shabby chic methods of refurbishing furniture.

Once your paint has dried, then use two coats of varnish to complete the project and help to give the item even more character.

This treatment can be used on almost anything-kitchen tables, coffee tables, end tables, trunks, chairs, headboards, dressers and night tables...the possibilities are endless!

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