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Many of the most basic items that you find in storage unit auctions can be turned into sellable furniture and home decor with a few hours of work and restoration. Even items that may not seem like furniture all can be restored and improved to serve both a functional and decorative purpose in your home, or to be sold online, at the flea market, or in your store location.

This week's restoration project idea comes from Pinterest, one of the best places to find DIY Project ideas with helpful how to guides and an entire community where you can advertise your finished project after the fact.

Many of you may be familiar with old cable spindles. These old spindles are used to hold large cables and to keep them from becoming tangled and are used by many utility companies. These wood spindles may not seem very useful or DIY friendly, but actually make for a multipurpose piece of furniture.

spindle bookcase

These old spindles can be sanded and painted any color to create a unique end table in any home or commercial space. You can also add stuffing and staple upholstery to the top surface to create a plush ottoman as well.

You can also use the spindle to create a one of a kind bookcase, utilizing the top and bottom of the spindle as the shelves. To create a sturdier bookcase that will better hold all of your books, no matter their shape or size, you can install custom shelving, or separators to the inside of the spindle.

Use this picture as an example of how to add the place holders. These columns were drilled into specific spots, equidistant from one another and set at specific locations within the spindle to allow the books to be separated evenly.

You could also opt to add inserts instead, and this would create the same type of affect, but would give your new bookcase a slightly different look and feel.

Finally, to make the item portable, you could choose to screw wheels into the bottom side of your new bookcase!

What are some of your favorite DIY projects? Tell us in the comments below!

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