Catching Those Last-of-the-Year Yard Sales

3316287385_d1c9cf5d99_zAs summer draws to a close, many homeowners are holding yard sales in an effort to clear out unwanted items. Yard sales are generally held during the spring and summer months, as the warm temperatures offers an ideal shopping experience for buyers. With winter right around the corner, yard sales are popping up left and right, offering some lucrative opportunities for buyers. If you're interested in catching those last-of-the-year yard sales, keep reading for some helpful tips.

Scouting Yard Sales

First and foremost, you'll want to find some yard sales taking place in or around your area. There are several different ways to accomplish this, one of which is to simply drive around and look for the signs. Most homeowners will place "Yard Sale" signs around their property, guiding shoppers to their property. Look closely at these signs, however, as some of them may list a specific date(s) during which the yard sale will take place.

You might be surprised to learn that Craigslist also has a yard sale section. While not everyone uses Craigslist to advertise their yard sales, many people do, especially in large cities. Check it out if you are having trouble finding yard sales!

Time Management

It's easy to spend hours browsing around at a yard sale, looking at all of the unique items up for sale. But if you are attending a yard sale with the purpose of buying and reselling the items for profit, you'll need to manage your time appropriately. This means breaking up your day so you aren't spending all of your time at a single yard sale. Perhaps you can spend 45 minutes at each yard sale before moving on to the next. Following this simple formula will allow you to cover more ground and view more items, which of course is essential to turning a profit from this type of venture.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Arguably, one of the most important elements of turning a profit from yard sale buying is to start early. If you want until mid-noon, all of the "good" items up for sale may already be gone. It's the buyers who show up early that catch the best deals, so try to be one of the first ones there. Also, remember that the first day of a yard sale is the best time to buy. Even if a homeowner is holding a yard sale for the entire weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), you should try to attend on Friday.

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