Estate Sale Tips For Buyers

for-sale-estate-01Estate sales can yield a wide variety of valuable items, ranging from antique furniture and firearms to collectable dolls and autographed sports memorabilia, at rock-bottom prices. Homeowners and their families often hold them when they are either or moving, downsizing, or simply looking to earn some extra cash. You can take advantage of this opportunity by perusing around some of the estate sales in your area, looking for valuable items being sold at low prices.

Day One

The golden rule of attending an estate sale is to be there on the opening day. If an estate sale is schedule for the weekend (Friday-Sunday), clear your calendar for Friday so you can attend the first day. Why is this necessary? Well, waiting until the second or third day means others buyers will have already looked through the home, some of whom likely purchased a few items. Being there on day one will prevent this from happening, ensuring no high-dollar valuables are scooped up by other treasure-seekers.

Bring Cash

Although not unheard of, most people who host estate sales do not have a credit card processing machine, nor will they accept checks. If you're planning to attend an estate sale, make sure you bring cash. Now for the million-dollar question: how much cash should I bring? There's really no easy answer to this question, as it varies depending on the type of estate sale and what you are hoping to buy. With that said, a couple hundred dollars should suffice in most situations. And if you need more dough, you can always make a trip to a nearby ATM.

Bring a Friend

In addition to offering morale support, a friend (or family member) can help you load and unload any large items purchased at the estate sale. Unfortunately, most estate sale hosts won't help you load furniture or other items; therefore, it's your responsibility to make the necessary arrangements. Having someone there with you can make a world of difference, allowing you to quickly and easily load large items without breaking your back in the process.

Respect The Owner's Property

Be mindful and courteous when browsing through an estate sale. Far too many people rummage through the owner's property, often causing damage to the items. Assuming the owner's doesn't mind, you can touch the property -- but use caution to ensure you don't accidentally damage it. Because after all, it's still his or her property until you (or someone else) buys it.

Do you participate in estate sales?

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