How to Negotiate Better Prices at Yard Sales

office-227168_960_720With spring right around the corner, many homeowners will be looking to host yard sales in an effort to get rid of their unwanted items. You can use this to your advantage by scouring yard sales in your area for valuable items that can be resold for a profit. Assuming you are doing this to earn income and not "for fun," though, you'll want to avoid paying the full list price at yard sales. Instead, you should attempt to negotiate better prices with the homeowner, which is something that we're going to discuss in today's blog post.

Go Low, But Not Too Low

There's nothing wrong with asking the seller if he or she will accept a lower price for a particular item, but you should avoid going too low with your offers. If the owner is trying to sell an antique dresser for $200, for instance, try offering $150. If you offer $50, the seller may feel insulted, in which case he or she may choose to not sell you the dresser.

Buy Bulk for Greater Discounts

You can often negotiate lower prices at yard sales by purchasing items in bulk. Instead of buying a single shirt, for instance, pick up a dozen and ask the owner if he or she will accept a 20-30% lower price. You have to remember that most people who host yard sales do so to clear up space inside their home. Therefore, they will gladly sell you bulk items at a lower cost. And besides, the worst that can happen is they'll say "no."

Don't Reveal Your Intentions

When negotiating deals at yard sales, don't let the seller know that you intend to resell the items for a profit. If he or she knows this information, they may choose to stick with the original price, in which case it will be difficult to turn a profit. Just play the role of an average yard sale shopper who's looking to buy items for personal reasons, not commercial reasons.

Remind the Owner that You are Paying Cash

Granted, most yard sales hosts and hostesses only accept cash payments, but it's still a good idea to remind the seller that you are paying with cash. Just hearing the words "I'll pay with cash" is often enough to entice the owner to sell you the items at a lower-than-listed price.

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