Yard Sale Tips For Buyers

yard-sale-sign-01Spring is officially here, which means more and more people will be holding yard sales to get rid of their unwanted belongings. The warm weather offers the perfect opportunity to discard excess furniture, clothes, electronics, collectibles and other items, while making some cash in the process. You can use this to your advantage by spending some of your free time hunting deals at yard sales in your area.

Finding Yard Sales

First and foremost, you'll want to find the location and dates for yard sales in your area. I recommend looking in you local paper, "penny" ads, and Craigslist, all of which can prove invaluable in your hunt. Make a note of when the yard sale is occurring, as well as the date and time (if applicable). Furthermore, it's not a bad idea to hop in your car and drive around looking for yard sale signs. Many homeowners place them out several days in advance, so don't overlook this method when hunting for yard sales.

Arrive Early

One of the biggest mistakes yard sale buyers make is waiting until the second or third day to shop. Why is this a problem? Well, conventional wisdom should tell you that the earlier you arrive, the more choices you'll have available. Waiting until even the second day can mean the difference between finding a "diamond in the rough" and coming away empty-handed. The bottom line is that you want to be there within the first few hours on the first day of the yard sale. Otherwise, you'll struggle to come away with any valuable items.

Bring a Truck

The thing about yard sales is that you never know what you'll find until you arrive. Even if you intend to only purchase small items, you may find a high-dollar antique chest or trunk that's priced way below market value. When a deal such as this presents itself, you can't pass it up. In order to take home large items like this, though, you'll need a truck or van. This is why I always recommend driving a truck or van when shopping at yard sales.

Keep an Eye Out

Much like storage auctions, the success of yard sale shopping depends heavily on your ability to spot a good deal. Remember, items for sale have depreciated value, meaning you won't be able to get full retail price for a used item when you sell it. Therefore, you have to think about how much the item's value has depreciated and then make adjustments accordingly.

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