How to Find Yard Sales in Your Area

3316287385_d1c9cf5d99_z(1)Want to know the secret to scoring high-value items at yard sales for pennies on the dollar? It's to cover as many yard sales as possible. The more you visit, the greater your chance of finding valuable items. It's just that simple. But how exactly do you know when and where a yard sale will take place?

Drive Around

One way to locate yard sales in your area is to drive around and look for signs. When a homeowner prepares to host a yard sale, he or she will likely place signs around the neighborhood to notify everyone about it. Keep in mind that most yard sales are held during the weekends, so it's best to scout for signs towards the end of the week -- a few days prior to the weekend. Make a note of any additional information included in the sign, such as the dates, time, address, and phone number.


Another option is to look for yard sales on Craigslist. Many people use this classified ads website to list their yard sales. Therefore, you can often find dozens of yard sales in and around your city by checking on Craigslist. It's completely free to use with no strings attached, making it an excellent tool for yard sale buyers. Just remember to check the dates to ensure the yard sale hasn't happened yet, as some people may leave their listing up even after the yard sale is over.


With a name like, you can rest assured knowing that it's the real deal. Enter your city and the website will pull up a list of all local yard sales. It's not quite as popular or widely used as Craigslist, but it can still yield some results. So if you're struggling to find yard sales in your area, check out There are several other websites that function in a similar manner, although appears to be the leader in this niche.

Local Newspaper

Of course, you can usually find yard sales listed in the local newspaper as well. Some local newspapers will allow residents to place ads for free, whereas others may charge a small fee. Regardless, you should check your local newspapers to see if there are any yard sales listed. I recommend going through the listings and highlighting each yard sale that is near your home and/or place of business.

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