Yard Sale Secrets for Shopping Success

12722835803_c8a3f00a59_zWith summer right around the corner, many homeowners are hosting yard sales to get rid of unwanted items. Whether you live on the east coast, west or somewhere in the middle, you should have no problem finding yard sales around your area. But if you're looking to turn a profit, you'll want to read the following secrets.

Go Early

Remember the adage, "the early bird gets the worm?" Well, it holds true when speaking about yard sales. Many professionals will attend yard sales during the first hours on the first days of them opening. Doing so provides access to a larger variety of items, giving you the opportunity to scoop up high-dollar items before anyone else. If a yard sale is taking place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, for instance, try to show up during the early Friday hours.

Search Hard

Sometimes the most valuable items sold at yard sales are hidden and will require a little digging to find. Don't assume that a yard sale isn't worth your time just because there are no "obvious" items of value in plain sight. Take the time to go through stacks of vinyl albums, collectables and even clothes. With a little bit of work (and some luck), you can find some high-dollar items buried deep in the rubble.

Look for Damage

When searching through the items at a yard sale, pay close attention to any damage or other visible imperfections. If you discover an item is damaged, show it to the owner and ask him or her if they'd be willing to accept a lower price. Even if it's just a minor scratch, it could be just enough damage to entice the owner to sell it for a lower price.

Buy and Hold

If you come an across a large item that you'd like to buy but don't have a vehicle to accommodate it, go ahead and buy it, asking the owner to hold it until you return. Failure to do so could result in someone else scooping up the item, which is a common occurrence at yard sales.

Be Friendly

This tip doesn't just apply to yard sales; it holds true for all business transactions. If you are interested in buying an item, whether it's from a yard sale, storage auction or independent store, introduce yourself to the owner and be polite. He or she will feel more inclined to lower the price if your friendly as opposed to rude and impolite.

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