12 DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas

father's-day-diy-gifts My Father and me in 1955

Happy Father's Day to All the Dad's out there!

Both of my Parents are Artists.

To say I grew up artistically inclined is like saying I breathe to live!!

Both of my Parents are also Naturalists and we spent a good deal of our childhood living in tents on camping trips, exploring back woods parts of the world! We knew the names of trees, the calls of birds and the difference between an agate and a petosky stone before we were able to coordinate clothes!

Nature and Art are partners in My World. So, when I go for inspiration, whether it is a walk in the woods or a search at a flea market or a discovery at an auction, there is always a hint of Nature in my mind.

When the latest trend of Recycle, Upcycle, Repurpose and Reuse became HOT, I had to laugh!!! And so did Mother Nature!!!!

We have been using egg cartons, milk jugs and cans in some kind of capacity since I can remember!!! Cans covered in contact paper were an office mainstay! Milk jugs cut in half are perfect flower planters! Egg cartons lined every jewelry box I have had!

Even now, before an item goes into the trashcan or even the recycling bin, I look at it twice to see if there is possibly another use. And usually, I can think of one last function - this sometimes ends up being a great DIY gift for someone!

So, once again, It’s Father’s Day!!! The Day we celebrate The Man of the House, Dad Of the Year, King of the Family, Guardian of Traditions and Celebrations and The Worlds Greatest Hugger and Dryer of Tears.

You can’t say enough about Dad except….He’s NOT Mom!!!

He doesn’t want breakfast in Bed!!!


He wants a Steak from the Grill!!

He doesn’t want a flowery Card!!!


He wants a double loader water balloon thrower!!

And most of All…………….

He doesn’t want a dumb old TIE!!!!!


We have researched high and low and left and right and up and down and found the COOLEST DIY (do it yourself!!) Gifts For Dad!!!!

Make these yourself because Homemade Gifts are The Coolest Gifts in the WORLD!!!!

(and Dad keeps them all right next to the loose change on top of his Dresser forever and ever!!!)

1. Clay Pots with “Ties” filled with candy 

father's-day-diy-projects2. A Paperweight for Dad


3. Father’s Day Trophy 


4. Dad’s Own Tape Dispenser


5. Dad will never lose the keys again with this Key board!!

6. Bungee Cord Storage 

7. Coolest Planters in the World!!!

8. BBQ Tool Belt

9. Rustic Picture Frame

10. Golf Tee Porcupine  

11. Vintage Record Clock

12. Necktie Wreath


Until Next Time!!!

Happy Father’s Day DAD!!!!


Keep on Junkin’



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