I am addicted to boxes.

There I said it!

Now it is OUT there!

(sigh)  I must find a 12-step program!!!


I have no idea why I have a fascination with boxes!



Perhaps it is because I move…A LOT! 55 times so far as a matter of fact!  So, boxes always seem to be piled up ready to be unpacked or packed up…Again!!!


Or, maybe it is that I like a square design!!


Or, I like the smell of slightly damp paper!


Or, having boxes around make it seem like NEW things are about ready to happen!!


Or Christmas!!!  That’s IT!!!! They remind me of Christmas!!!! I love Christmas and all…those…boxes….with secret surprises inside!!!!


I can’t go through a grocery store without looking at the boxes lying about or folded up.  I analyze their heaviness, their ability to hold products, their design and color and size.  Every once in a while, I will sneak a couple of these boxes into my cart and take them home to admire them more!


I have a garage, attic and closet full of boxes!!! Sometimes I will cover them in fabric or contact paper and use them for storage.  Other times I have taped them together and made them into unusual shelves.   And then…I have used boxes for just about everything else!!!!


I made a castle, a ship,

[gallery columns="2" ids="7031,7032"]


A rocket,

[gallery columns="5" ids="7036,7035,7034,7033"]


A boat, a float, a house, a fire, a set,

[gallery columns="4" ids="7037,7038,7039,7040"]

Scary trees, hands clapping in a breeze, and finally monsters!!!

[gallery ids="7041,7042,7043"]


So I went to my garage and instead of putting my Enormous collection of boxes out for recycling, I made a front door instead!!!!


[gallery columns="8" ids="7046,7047,7045,7044,7048,7049,7050,7051"]


Next time, when you go to pack up or unpack all those boxes, think twice or maybe even 3 times…What IS that box…..REALLY!!!!


Until next time!!!!



Amy's Heart

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