Happy Friday!

It’s Friday and I just wanted to remind everyone ---Inspiration is EVERYWHERE!!!! It’s in the Earth, Sun, Moon (full moon tonight!!!!) and…in all that you see!!! Junk isn’t junk!!! It’s JunQue!! Art is in the eye of the Beholder! One Man’s junk is another Man’s Treasure!!!


That being said, I would like to give credit to this weeks’ Major Inspiration…Mary from Garden Whimsies!!! Mary became a Facebook Friend when I came across some pictures of her fantastic garden!


Mary's garden Mary's garden


Marys playhouse Mary's playhouse


And then she became an Influence over my garage sale weekend purchases. And then she became my Inspiration to create unique and wonderful Towers (featured in this weeks earlier Blog)!!


Marys teapot tower Mary's teapot tower



I was able to talk to Mary and she regaled me her Life Story full of twists and turns and the abilities to be positive and creative and make a new life full of color and Innovation!!!

I will feature that story in a future Blog!!

In the meantime…


Here are Mary’s addresses:

Website:  http://www.gardenwhimsiesbymary.com/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/gardenwhimsiesbymary

Etsy:  www.gardenwhimsiesbymary.etsy.com

Pinterest:  http://pinterest.com/marymirabal/

Blog:  http://www.gardenwhimsiesbymaryblog.com/


By really observing someone else’s creations, I believe you can be Inspired to create your own!  The New Creation will feature Your style, Your colors, Your ideas and...You!!

Have fun looking at all of Mary’s ideas, gardens and art!!! She is truly a Jewel!!!


Marys plate art Marys plate art



This weekend, plans are set to hunt through a couple of nearby garage sales. And then on Sunday, I’m going to hit The St. Augustine Flea Market!


st augustine flea market logo St. Augustine Flea Market


In all the years that I have lived here in Florida, I have never gotten to this flea market!! My husband, DT, and I always either worked in or owned restaurants and Saturdays were always our busiest nights and latest to get back home from!!! So Sundays were spent relaxing, putting feet in salt-water soaks and watching sports!!!! But, I have left the restaurant industry behind and now its time to hit this flea market!!!!! I’ll report back in the next Blog!!!


Also this weekend, I plan on listing a couple of MY china towers on storageunitauctionlist.com Classifieds ( http://classifieds.storageunitauctionlist.com/ )!!!! If anyone is interested, please take a look!!! I sure would like your input, opinion, your 2cents and of course…YOUR IDEAS!!!! I will let you know how to set up the listing and get YOUR treasures SOLD!!!!


Well, I have a painting on the easel, dishes for more towers in the sink to be cleaned, paper flowers and hearts made from wallpaper books to be glued together and flower pots to be decoupaged for Easter!!  Yup! It’s Spring here in Florida (it just arrived with a very blustery entrance) and it’s time to start ANEW!!!!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!!!

Happy Treasure Hunting!!!


Amy's Heart


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