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vignette of sunflower vases

So, I wrote about how to put your “finds” and treasures together and sell them. Now, I’m going to show you how to arrange them in your home so that they become a part of your Décor!!!


Although I am not a certified Interior Decorator, I have loved decorating, rearranging and setting up rooms since I was a young teenager.  I had to share a bedroom with my two sisters and there was a six-year age difference between oldest (me) and youngest.  The sharing caused issues as I entered my teen years when I wanted to hang posters and other “groovy” items and my youngest sister wanted the décor to be a “Pooh Pad”!!!! Having limited financial means, I used my Creative Powers!   I took masking tape and Sunday’s newspaper; laid it out on the floor to the size I needed, taped it all together and then hung it from the ceiling! Voila!!! A Wall! And…I put up those posters and groovy things!!! That was the First Room I made my own!

clean slate Shutterstock/stockcreations

I have treated all the houses through the years as a clean Slate so that I may begin building the painting I call HOME.  Of course, the furniture arrangement is the bones.  Then the “innards”, skin and brain are all added in the way of pillows and pictures and nick-knacks, books, magazines, plants and throws. The Personality is in the color, the combinations and the Vignettes!


Vignette is defined in Webster’s as “a picture (as an engraving or photograph) that shades off gradually into the surrounding paper”.  It is a scene that tells a story. All the pieces combined create the narrative.  And that narrative is about me, about my home and about my life.  I have taken a series of pictures of the vignettes found around my current home.  I have lived here for seven years and each of these scenes have seen new arrangements and characters added as I acquire more Treasures and Finds.


bookshelf vignette

My original Nancy Drew books have been a part of my heart and soul since I was in third grade! I cannot imagine a home without them!!! The little people in front of the books could be the “characters”.  Who dun it??


doll and statue vignette

I have a “thing” for chairs! I love them!  I have too many of them!!! But they are perfect Homes for the many handmade dolls I collect from art fairs and garage sales.  The basket of fruit adds to the Story of the young pigtailed girl and what she has been doing all day!

doll and flower vignette

This is the centerpiece of my coffee table in the living room.  Again, a Wild Woman Doll and a vase full of green glitter and flowers set the mood for the St. Patty Season!!


window vignette

My front window not only allows the light to come through, but it is also home to my collection of Chalk ware, which is home to a few of my Elves!

vignette of fiestaware

vgnette of fiestaware

vignette of cans

vignette of kit shelf

vignette of shelf

closeup vignette


My Kitchen is the Heart of the house, literally! It sits smack dab in the middle of the home layout and it has plenty of upper shelves to hold all of my collections of Fiestaware and salt and peppershakers and cans!  My husband was a Chef and an Artist and all of these collections tell so many stories about our love of Food and Cooking and the Friendship and Warmth that emanates from a Kitchen!!

dining room vignette closeup

dining room vignette medium

dining room vignette long

vignette of shelf closeup

vignette of shelf medium

vignette of shelf long


Each of these series of pictures illustrates how the Vignette starts with a small section of the room and then builds out by adding more furniture to the picture and then finally creating the Picture and Story of the Whole Room.  The first room is my Dining Room and the second is a part of my studio, which includes the shelf holding cookbooks and a hutch with all of Granny’s China!

vignette of centerpiece

And finally, this is the vignette I created for the centerpiece of the dining room table.  On the bottom is the Palette board my husband used when he was painting. An artist friend of mine created the chicken and the flowers are again the green of the Season full of glitter and sparkle and Spring!!!!

St Pat front door

Welcome to My House and My Stories!!!!



Amy's Heart


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