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Did you know that cats, cat stories, cat cartoons, cat pictures, cat videos, and cat sayings are the top things that people look up on the internet?

Macaroni is my only male cat! (Yes, I have 3 other cats -- all female.)

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He’s yellow, and he had a sister named Cheese. But poor Cheese got into a fight with a copperhead snake. Now I have just Macaroni.

Macaroni is a very intelligent cat.  At least that is what my neighbors say.  He visits all of my neighbors every day and tells them what is going on around the block.. He chats and chats and chats until I have to call for him to come home and quit bothering everyone!!! But my neighbors all say, “That’s alright, Macaroni was just telling me what happened last night!”

When Macaroni was born, he was an only cat child.  He was very, very spoiled.  He got to be carried around in pockets of robes and eat out of human family hands, and he was cooed and cuddled and loved until he thought he was the King Cat of the World.  We, his human family, never did anything to make him feel any different.

Macaroni OTS

So, Macaroni has become King Cat of Coral Lane.  He manages the raccoons by pointing them in the direction of garbage cans that have not been tightly secured.  He directs the deer and her fawns to the wooded area in the center of the block where my neighbor Joe has put a salt lick.  He keeps the wild turkeys at bay by making them walk along the back of the yards so that the humans don’t have to walk through their poop! The only problem he has had is with the bobcat that shows up once a year to terrorize the neighborhood with wild screams and then jaunts away.  Macaroni politely puts his tail down and runs to the comfort and safety of the front door of Home.

Macaroni at the door

On occasion, Macaroni has had to deal with other King Cats from nearby neighborhoods who were looking to increase their land holdings.  Macaroni has always stood firm and strong, protecting his kingdom from the obnoxious invader.  This war that he enters has come with a price. I, the Human Mother, have had to take him to the vet’s to clean his wounds and cuts and pamper his insulted ego. But he gets to come home and eat special food and lay on the furniture and shed hair. All of the neighbors come by to make sure that he is doing well and bring him gifts of food and toys, and the other 3 cats just sit in a corner and stare at Your Highness and wonder how Macaroni got to be the cat’s meow!!!

King Macaroni

Today it is raining and the doors and windows are open to let in the fresh Spring air.  Macaroni has chosen a windowsill to lie in that allows him to stretch from one end to the other. He closes his eyes and listens to the birds and the drizzle and dreams of being King Cat of the World!!!!!!

Painting of Macaroni

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