Memorial Weekend Sales: How to Prepare!

So, It’s that Time Again - Memorial Weekend!!


The time that the Summer Season Begins..


Memorial Day 2014 is the first Warm Weather Holiday of the year.


And it kicks off some of my favorite things: Garage Sales


Flea Markets


Estate Sales








And My Favorite Flip Flops


Memorial Weekend is a great time to get out there and find some treasures!! Auctions, garage or yard sales, and even retail stores always offer great bargains over the holiday weekend! But you know me - I’m keeping it cheap while keeping it chic! This is my Red-White-and-Blue How To List for Great Garage Saling this Looooong Memorial Weekend!

Hopefully, I will find something amazing! And if I do, I will be sure to share it with you next week.

I consider myself a professional “junker” and crafter extraordinaire! So take these tips and get out there! And let me know what you find and what you plan to do with it!!

Happy Memorial Weekend 2014 and don't forget to thank our Veterans and all of our Service Men and Women! :)

So Let’s Get Ready!!!!

I consider myself  READY when I have the following in order:


  1. Good Walking Shoes memorial-day-weekend

  2. Backpacksmemorial-day-goods

  3. An Umbrella memorial-day-weekend

  4. Dollar Bills and Quarters (most auctions and/or garage and yard sales are cash only!) garage-sales

  5. Sun Screen memorial-day-protection

  6. Water!!! garage-sales

  7. Map memorial-day-garage-sales

  8. Penny-saver and Addressesmemorial-day-garage-sales-2014

  9. Phone garage-sales

  10. and a Snack (my apples are pictured above :) )!

Happy Memorial Day!!! Don’t forget to let me know what you find!

Until Next Time

Keep on Junkin’!


Amy's Heart

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