Storage Unit Auction List Presents Trivia Tuesdays!

game show hostI remember being mesmerized by game shows as a child. And who can blame me really? Game shows are designed to be as eye catching as possible as you scan through the channels. The neon lights, and loud buzzers, the rotating and constantly evolving sets, the intricate puzzles, beautiful assistants, fancy prizes and the affable game show hosts. Family Feud and Celebrity Squares were among my favorites. But the top dog of game shows was and always will be The Price is Right. The Price is Right had variety and as they say, variety is the spice of life. To this day, if I happen to flip through and see some unlucky soul who got stuck playing Plinko, I still stop and wait with bated breath to see what the contestant has one.

With that in mind, I started to think that it might be time that we hold our own trivia based game show on a weekly basis. We'll pull information from past Storage Unit Auction List blogs, as well as other sources and present you with one question a week. The first person to answer correctly will win!

While we can't offer you exotic vacations, new cars, or a years supply of a product you have no use for, we are offering the chance for you to win some Storage Unit Auction List merch!We'll send each winner a Storage Unit Auction List coffee mug.

Weekly Trivia Question

I'm your host, Teresa Tribolet, and this week, we'll kick off our weekly trivia challenge with an easy question for all you viewers out there in Internet Land.
Name 3 Unexpected Places Where You Should Look for Cash In Storage Units?

The first person who answers correctly wins!

If you send us your answers on Facebook or Twitter, make sure to use the hashtag #SUAL and #TriviaTuesday

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