Swip Swap - A Facebook Adventure in Sales

Swip Swap


Everyone likes a little extra cash!!! Whether you are cleaning out the Storage Unit that you just won at auction,

The garage

Or the basement,

There is a NEW WAY to sell your STUFF!!!!


Yard Sale
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It's TOO Hot/Cold for a Garage Sale I whine!!

Garage Sales in Florida are like garage sales in the northern tier of the country.  They are seasonal!  No one has a garage sale in Michigan in February!!! Not only would you freeze to death, but, your sale items would be buried under 3 feet of Snow!!!

Here in Florida, it is the reverse reason and season.  No one has garage sales in the summer because it is just TOO HOT!!!!

But, I still have ALL that stuff that I would love to get rid of I cry!!!

Swip Swap is Your Answer!!!!!

Swip Swap is on Facebook!!

Swip Swap is like Craigslist,

But it is just for YOUR community or,

YOUR neighborhood,

Or people who want to just buy and sell boats,

Or people who want to just buy and sell Dolls.

Or anyone who wants to sell anything, Especially if you have just won an Auction at Storage Unit Auction List!!!

It is called a "fun and friendly place to connect with your neighbors" for local and in-person sales.
It has been designed for bargain hunters!

And all you need is an Administrator to get it started.  And the best part is that ANYONE can be an Administrator.


So to get started…

Starting Line
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You can write Swip Swap in the top of your Facebook search engine and you will probably find many sites already underway.

Or you can start one yourself!


On the left side of your Facebook page, there is a title called GROUP.

Click on it and it opens a new page.

At the top Right in a green box, it says “Create A Group”


Click on this box and a new box opens where you can now Start a Group – Name the Group – make it Public, Private (closed) or Secret.

Swip Swap is the name that has been used in thousands of locations across the world and is the most understood.

You can invite people to join or you can invite Everyone to be a part of your Swip Swap group.



You make yourself the Administrator, create the rules and make sure that your rules are followed!!!

At the moment, I belong to 30 different Swip Swap Groups just in my area!!

The titles of each Swip Swap group can be just slightly different from one another.

An example:  Swip Swap Palm Coast / Swip Swap - Palm Coast / Swip~Swap~Palm Coast / Swip*Swap*Palm*Coast*Fl

The pages can be very addictive .

Buy - Sell!!!  Sell - Buy!!!

There seems to always be someone looking for the stuff you are selling. And always people selling stuff you are looking for!

So....Go Get Started!!!

Start a Swip Swap Group in YOUR area!!!

I just listed 5 items on 8 of my favorite local Swip Swaps!!!!

Next Blog, I'll tell you how I did with my sales, who bought and for how much!!!

Until Next Time!

Keep On Junkin'



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