We're working on compiling a list of helpful links that will aid you in your journey as a storage hunter. If you have a link that you think would help others out, please let us know by sending an email to and we'll gladly check it out!

Informative Websites

Self Storage Laws- A great website that covers laws pertaining to the self storage industry in every state. An excellent resource if you have and legal questions or concerns about your auction or the unit you purchase.

Self Storage Association Fact Sheet- A fascinating look at the self storage industry in America through statistics, and how its numbers have grown and changed over the past years.

WorthPoint- The leaders in antique and collectible appraisal. This subscription based company features on-staff appraisers, helpful resources to increase your knowledge, as well as the industry's largest encyclopedia--featuring over 70 million items and their realized prices.


SpareFoot- Our friends over at SpareFoot run a great blog, in which we appear as a guest author once monthly. They offer a wide variety of interesting, amusing, and helpful articles relating to the storage auction industry.

LadyLocks58- A great blogger, a professional auction hunter, and a subscriber to Storage Unit Auction List! What's not to love? Check out LadyLock's Facebook bloggings to learn about her adventures and pick up some valuable, firsthand advice along the way.

Storage Heroes A real-life storage hunting duo, Rebecca and Brian, share their stories from being out on the field. Get ready for a realistic look at all sides of the storage auction industry: the good, the bad, and the ugly!

My Auction Finds - Author Sherry Howard details her adventures in attending auctions. Not only are her posts interesting and enjoyable to read, they offer a treasure trove of information about different antiques and how to identify them.


Storage Auction Forums- A great resource that allows you to connect with other storage hunters. Ask for advice, post stories, or just browse around to see what others are saying. Since the members are all real storage hunters, you can get a little taste of the type of people you'll come in contact with at storage auctions.

Lost in Storage- A website that connects the auction buyer to the original owner of the storage unit (or vice-versa), in hopes of giving back or retrieving personal keepsakes such as photo albums, family keepsakes, etc., from a defaulted storage unit. A great source for storage hunters looking to give back personal items that they can't sell or donate.


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