Stan The Scrapper



Stan lives in my neighborhood.


painting by Thomas Dahlberg There Goes The Neighborhood


Stan was a painter in the past.


painter Shutterstock/Memo Angeles


Stan is a scrapper now.

Stan likes being a scrapper.

But, Stan is really an artist. .


Stan doesn’t think so, but I know so.


When Stan was a painter, he got up early in the morning before the Florida sun began to boil the day.  He had a crew and a Superintendent and a Boss and a schedule and orders and deadlines and a really, really good pay check.  He used his paintbrushes and rollers to make a square box room white or beige.  Stan knew how many strokes it took to finish a wall and how many cans of paint to finish a room.  Stan also knew how many hours were in his day and looked forward to the time on the clock that indicated that he could go home.


Now, Stan just has himself and his old vehicle to worry about.


Stan's Van



When Stan lost his job painting rooms, he went home and grumbled about it.  But Stan was not one of those people who sat around and grumbled for very long!  He had to be busy! He had to do something or make something or fix something.  One day, on his way home from the grocery store, he saw a television set that someone had left on the curb for the garbage people to pick up.




Stan had found his new calling!!! He had found his new purpose!! He had found his bliss!!


Now, He gets up in the morning at whatever hour he wants and he goes to his garage and he tinkers with the new things he just found!!


Picture of garage work bench


And there is no one to Boss him and no orders to fill and sometimes, there is no paycheck.  But, Stan is an artist.



On “garbage day” Stan gets up early and begins to drive through our neighborhood.



And then the neighborhood next to ours.


And then the next one and next until he has filled his old vehicle with curbside junk.


He looks mostly for things made of metal.  He can get quite a bit of money for things made out of metal at a scrap yard in the next town over.  Scrap companies usually buy left over steel and wires and copper from builders and others in the construction industry. But “Home” Scrapers, like Stan, are always welcome to turn their old metal “Finds” and Treasures into money!!!! Recycling is good for the Earth, the Environment and the Checkbook!!!


Picture of guys getting paid at scrap yard


Here is a Website that tells you all about making money with your scrap metal!!


Metal working Junk Lamp



But, sometimes, Stan will come across something that is unique and interesting and broken.  Stan takes it home and he fixes it.

Other times Stan will find strange and mysterious things and he’ll take it home and glue it together with some other strange and mysterious thing and then Stan will have a work of Art!


Picture of artist working metal


Stan sees Treasure in Junk!


Stan sees money in Junk! Stan sees Art in Junk!




I went to Stan, and I gave him a few bucks for some of his Metal Treasures

[gallery ids="6649,6648,6647"]



Let’s see what I can do with My Metal Finds!!!


Amy's Heart




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