Vinegar The Wonder Liquid!!!


Just saying the word makes my nose twitch with the thought of the tangy acid smell!

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Pickles in late summer; relish in jars; a drop in the wash bucket with spic and span soap; all of these are my Vinegar memories!!

A bit of history first :  I found this information on a site called Vinegarman (  Vinegar is the natural result of the refining process of alcoholic beverages. It has been around as long as beer, wine and other spirits. Some people erroneously refer to this as spoilage, but that is like saying that wine is spoiled grape juice.

Vinegar came about probably as the result of an accident. "Someone left the wine out in the air.' But the earliest known recordings of vinegar find it already in common and varied use, so we have no idea how it was discovered. It was also discovered by many different cultures independently, so we have no real proof of where it was first discovered or how it spread to every corner of the globe.

Like beer, wine and other fermented foods, the ancients explained vinegar production differently than we do today. Like most other things, they believed, or said they believed, it was the result of some actions by the gods. And who can say that they were altogether wrong or that current theories are entirely correct.

All we can know is that people have made and used beer and wine roughly 10,000 years so, it is assumed that vinegar has also been around for about that long.

But Vinegar has many properties that can be useful in our everyday life, and I have included my top ten favorite uses for vinegar!!!


Here is MY Top 10 List of Vinegar Uses


Windows!! I learned this trick years ago when I worked in a Framing Shop!  We used vinegar with a dash of water in a spray bottle and washed the glass with a Newspaper! There never were streaks or left over lint!  It was amazing and I have since used it on anything glass such as mirrors, windows, car windows, picture frames and glass top tables!

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Coffee Maker!!  I learned this trick while working (for years) in the restaurant business.  Just fill the water dispenser with distilled vinegar and run it through a cycle.  I usually let the heated vinegar-water sit in the pot for a while.  Voila! All stains magically dissolved both inside the dispenser and inside the pot!  I run another cycle of just clear water through the system afterwards just to rinse everything away.


Garbage disposal and Drains!!   Living in Florida, things get “Stinky” pretty fast!  I had heard about Vinegar poured down the drain and when I tried it, well let me just tell you…Every Saturday morning after the coffee is made and before I go make my garage sale list, I pour a cup of vinegar down the garbage disposal and both bathroom sinks and let it sit.  Then, before I leave the house for an afternoon of Junkin, I run all faucets and my home is just as fresh and clean smelling as if I had a maid service!!  (Sidenote: you can throw a cup of vinegar in the bottom of your dishwasher when you start a cycle and not only will it clean the dishwasher, but take out any residue odors and glasses come out extra sparkly!)


Lawn Care!!   So many people in Florida use chemical based lawn service companies and it is very frustrating to constantly get up on my soapbox and explain that all of this stuff just ends up in our water supply! Our water table is soooooo high, that in some areas we are BELOW sea level and these chemicals get washed into the water with all of our rain!!!  But, instead of that, I explain how a squirt bottle full of vinegar can eliminate weeds, grass in sidewalk cracks, add iron to the soil and naturally become a part of the nutrients that plants need!



Pets and Problems!!   As most of you know, I have FOUR cats!!! Ya gotta love em! But, there can be issues with these little fur balls!!! Magnolia is my oldest cat and she is totally the Nervous Nelly of the bunch.  All too often, she will eat too fast (thinking that someone else is going to get her food) and low and behold, within an hour, poor Maggie has gotten sick…on the carpet…on the WHITE carpet!!! I tried everything to get the stains out and finally read about using vinegar!  Let me just say, I buy Vinegar by the gallon and I have the Whitest carpet in four counties!!!  This same premise works on pee and poo stains.  It is a Miracle Liquid!

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Artist Supplies!!   Irons and paintbrushes are staples in my type of artwork.  I use fabric as a dimension builder with gesso and then paint detail over it for the 3-D effect.  An Iron is imperative not only to get the wrinkles out, but often times to “glue-together” the various pieces.  This creates glue messes all over the bottom of the iron. With a little sea salt and a bit of vinegar, I make a paste and wash it all away!!! I also put vinegar and water together in the irons water chamber, let it set and then rinse it out.  It clears out any residue build up in the steam vents.  For paint brushes, which harden quickly, I let them soak in hot vinegar and then rinse thoroughly with soap and water!


Boiling Eggs and Potatoes!!   My husband (also an artist) was a Chef and he taught me so many tricks of the trade.  When boiling eggs, put a little vinegar in the water.  It will keep the white from seeping out of a tiny crack in the egg!!  When boiling potatoes add vinegar to the water to keep the potato white!


Everything Tastes Better with Vinegar!!   Add a teaspoon of vinegar to your soup, salad and dressing, gravy, crockpot meats, fish, and even cake icing from becoming too sugary.  Vinegar brings out what my husband always called “The Sparkle” in foods.


Vinegar Doctor is in the House!!   Got Heartburn? Take a couple of tablespoons of balsamic vinegar and you’ll be as good as new!!!  Put vinegar in the water well of a humidifier and it will not only clean out a calcium buildup in the machine, but will clean the air and let you breath easier!  Bee Sting? Just pour vinegar over the bite and it will soothe the itch and sting.  Sunburn?  Rub vinegar doused wash cloth all over the burn and it will cool it immediately!! This one I know all too well living here in Florida!  Midwinter dry itchy skin? Add a couple of tablespoons to bathwater and sit back and soak!!! Itchy relieved and then gone! Sorethroat ?(I was a theatre teacher for years and this was my #1 recommendation)  Gargle with alternating warm vinegar and water, salt water, warm vinegar and water and then honey and water!  Sore throat will be gone and you’ll be ready for the Stage!!!

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Finally For all of the Junkers out there!!!  So often, when we find our treasures and “deals”  there is something wrong with the item.  Vinegar can take care of many of those booboos!!  Dirt, grime and gunk can be removed from wood furniture or pieces with a combination of 1 cup ammonia, ½ cup vinegar and ¼ cup baking soda all mixed together in warm water.  This has saved the day on many an old dining room chair found in an attic, an old hutch in a barn and my art table filled with glue spots!  Plus, my hands look terrific!!  Wet glass rings can be removed using vinegar and olive oil (equal parts) I let it sit for a bit and then rub with the grain. GONE!!!  Varnished wood, when it gets cloudy and dull can be brought back to a gleam with a soft cloth or chamois dipped in warm water and vinegar.  And, glue that has hardened around joints of chairs and tables can be loosened with a small amount of vinegar! Now you can take it apart, clean the whole thing, paint, add funky details and…WOW! New Furniture!!! All because you used a bit of natural VINEGAR!!!


Once again, I could probably go on for a month of Sundays on the Wonderful Uses of Vinegar!!


Here is a list of sites I found in Internet Land!!!!


Uses and Tips…


Use It to Clean Your…


Vinegar Everywhere….


I have decided that the next few Blogs are going to be Lists!

Lists of things that can be printed out and put into a folder or taped inside a cupboard door as reference for getting things done from cleaning to repairing to shining!

In the world of JUNK, it is always best to have things cleaned up,

glowing brightly

and fit as a fiddle!!!!


Well, That should do it for this LIST!!!

Next time…Duct Tape!!!!


Until then…

Keep on Junkin’


Amy's Heart


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