Tips For Throwing a Grand Opening For Your Store

5169236945_8cf1014e29_zNew retail stores can benefit from grand openings in a number of different ways. For starters, a grand opening will naturally attract a greater amount of customers. When people see the sign for a “Grand Opening,” they are more likely to check it out. Even if they don't purchase anything, the increased brand exposure from a grand opening will prove to be well worth it. Of course, grand openings also give you a chance to make your store known in the community. To get the most benefit from a grand opening, however, you should read the following tips.

Prepare Ahead of Time

One of the biggest mistakes store owners make is not planning their grand opening out ahead of time. When it comes time to open their store, they simply throw up a sign and unlock their doors, expecting a flood of customers to come walking in. Unfortunately, having a successful grand opening requires a bit more work and preparation than this. Give yourself a solid 2-3 months to thoroughly plan the details and logistics.

Finish Your Product Displays

You should finish all of your product displays before throwing a grand opening. The interior of your store needs to look polished and complete so customers will get the right impression. Throwing a grand opening with incomplete displays or areas of missing product in your store will send the wrong impression to customers. So, take the time to complete each and every detail in your store, and only have a grand opening when you are 100% satisfied with the outcome.

If you need help setting up your product displays, don't be afraid to call the manufacturer or dealer to see if they offer assistance. Depending on the particular product, they may offer to mail you display cutouts or other decorative pieces to use in your displays.

Spread The Word

Arguably, the single most important step in throwing a grand opening is to spread the word to the community. Unless people know about your store's opening, you won't receive any significant amount of customers. So, how can you spread the word about it? There are dozens of ways to accomplish this, such as newspaper advertisements, mail advertisements, television commercials, radio commercials and fliers. In addition, you should place a larger “Grand Opening” banner in front of your store to attract more customers. These are just a few of the many ways to spread the word about the grand opening of your store.

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