Benefits of Online Storage Auctions

Online Storage Auctions are quickly becoming an industry standard. When you begin to look at the benefits, it isn't hard to see why many facilities have started to hold their storage auctions online and why many people have become interested in "attending" storage auctions online as well.

So what is an online auction and what are the benefits?

Online Storage Auctions

OnlineAuctionsOnline Storage Auctions are exactly what they sound like. Storage facilities all over the country are picking up on the trend. Before you ever step foot onto a self storage facility for a storage auction, a facility is required to complete several weeks worth of paperwork and preparation. As part of the lien law process in most states, a facility employee cuts the lock from the storage unit to take a cursory inventory. This description is then used in the public notice that the facility is required to publish by law. Eventually, after going through the proper paper work and waiting the allocated amount of time, the facility will hire an auctioneer and will then host a storage auction at their facility.

Online storage auctions are completed in a similar fashion. The facility eventually cuts the lock and takes an inventory of what they can see from the door, and then they take pictures. Instead of hiring an auctioneer and having to manage traffic, auction registrants, and a disruption of their primary business, many facilities are opting to post the images online instead. Auction hunters can then review these auctions from the comfort of their own home.

Save Money

As a storage auction hunter, you're primary business is as a reseller To make a profit, you consistently have to purchase storage units for as little an amount as possible to make your money back. With gas being as expensive as it currently is in most places across the country, what makes more financial sense than saving your gas and reviewing auctions online. In many instances, you still have to make the drive to clean out of the unit, but at least you have the peace of mind to know that the contents inside already belong to you and you aren't just driving to a facility on the chance of winning big.

Save Time and Energy

As a storage auction buyer, you a probably familiar with this scenario. You use Storage Unit Auction List to find storage auctions. There are so many in your area, it's hard to decide which ones to attend. You think it over and select the facility and make your way to the auction. Your day doesn't go great and you end up going home empty handed. Then you hear through the grapevine that the other auction was great! Every unit was a winner and lots of people got great deals throughout the day! If only you could have been at both places at the same time! You would have increased your chances of winning the storage unit that you wanted! Online storage auctions allow you to do just that! You can be at many storage auctions at the same time. In many instances, there isn't a cap on the number of units you can bid on. You can see hundreds of units all at once and put reasonable bids down on any that you feel have the potential to be winners! You're basically giving yourself a leg up in the competition and doing so with less time and energy spent driving back and forth.

Have you ever participated in an online storage auction? What were your thoughts and did you win big? We want to hear from you in the comments below!

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