Storage Auctions: How to Cover More Ground in Less Time

clock-time-Stopwatch-12439-lTime management skills are essential for running a successful buy-sell storage auction business. Conventional wisdom should lead you to believe that the sooner you clean out a unit, the sooner you can move on to the next auction. And when you're able to participate in more auctions, you'll reap the benefits of higher profits. It's just that simple. But how exactly can you facilitate the process?

Find Directions Beforehand

It's a good idea to find directions to the self-storage facility before the day of the auction. If you've never been to the facility, you could end up driving around for hours searching for it. Depending on just how long it takes you to find, you may even miss the auction. So to prevent this from happening, use Google Maps or a similar navigation services to find directions beforehand.

Cash Only

One of the most common mistakes that newcomers to the storage auction business make is not bringing cash. Most storage facilities only accept cash as payment for auctions, and failure to bring it could result in the unit going to the next highest bidder. So leave your credit cards and checkbook at home and opt for cold hard cash instead.

Plan Your Day

Who says you can only attend a single storage auction in a day? If you're looking to really capitalize on this ever-growing industry, you should attend multiple storage auctions per day. Using a storage auction list like the one sold here on our website, plan your day by making note of each storage auction that you would like to attend. Keep in mind that the auctions should be within a reasonable driving distance from one another, and the timing must also be appropriate.

Truck or Van

Instead of driving your car to a storage auction, take a truck or van. Doing so will allow you to haul more items in a single load, reducing the number of trips you'll have to take. Subsequently, this will allow you to cover more ground in less time.

Bring a Friend

Of course, you should also bring a friend when attending storage auctions. Why is this necessary? Well, not all auctions will require a buddy. But if you come across a unit with furniture or other large items, you'll need a helping hand to load the items into your vehicle.

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