This Week in the World of Storage Hunting

And my, what a crazy week it has been! Let's jump right into it!

people dancing in the streetGetting by With a Little Help From Your Self-Storage Friends

After the devastating damage left behind from Hurricane Sandy, many folks in the North East are still without power and are picking up the pieces of homes and lives torn apart. Thankfully, many storage facilities are lending a helping hand by offering a month's free storage or transportation of goods.

Check out the links below to see how each company is playing their part to help out:

Manhattan Mini Storage


The staff here at Storage Unit Auction List is hoping for a quick recovery to all of those who were affected by the hurricane.


Entirely Robotic Storage Facility Files for Bankruptcy

Wow, who saw that one coming? RoboVault, a fully automated storage facility based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is filing for Chapter 11 protection in bankruptcy after falling behind on a $20 million bank loan. Yikes. But listen to this: RoboVault is no ordinary automated storage facility. In fact, it's safe to say that these guys went a little loco with the robotics. In order to even enter the facility, you must first pass a retinal scan (yep, they scan your eyeballs). After that, the facility conducts a bio-metric scan of your vehicle, and your goods are automatically retrieved from storage bays high up above. Since we're not living in a futuristic metropolis as seen in The Jetsons, it's no wonder this endeavor was a flop. Millionaires won't even pay for this stuff.


brandi passanteBrandi Passante Sues Over Fake Adult Video

The web has been abuzz since Brandi Passante of Storage Wars fame filed a lawsuit against Hunter Moore for releasing an adult video which he claimed starred Brandi Passante. Brandi became aware of the video after receiving messages through Twitter from hopeful fans who "couldn't wait to watch her new video". Brandi was allegedly mortified to find that Moore was using her likeness to promote an inappropriate video which she was not involved with. She claims to have "suffered anxiety, physical illness and lost sleep, and believes that the video will reach her children, friends and family". The lawsuit asks for an injunction, a restraining order and all damages available from Moore who has simply said he is "never going to stop". With a nasty attitude like that, I really hope Brandi wins this case and that Hunter Moore is banished from the internet for the rest of eternity. Good luck, Brandi!


Wishing everyone a relaxing, calm, robot-free weekend!

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