Totally Tubular Throwback Thursday

throwback thursday neon skiwearIn late January of the New Year, the Self Storage Association is holding their 28th Annual Ski Workshop at the Canyons Resort in Park City, UT. Y'all still have a month for early registration discounts on what sounds like one of the cooler events that has anything remotely to do with the self-storage industry. It'll be a helluva great networking opportunity as well as offering up some quality yoga and centering/meditation opportunities. The ratio of time on the slopes to actual workshops and educational sessions is something like 5:2. Not too shabby!

The fact that this event has been going on for 27 years prior to this upcoming ski party got us thinking over here: what must it have like at those ski weekends back in the day? Going nearly 30 years back, and just for kicks, Storage Unit Auction List is taking you back this Throwback Thursday to the slopes of the 1980s.

First off, your mid-week lift tickets should only cost you about $15 or $20 for a day pass. And that $20 quote is for your top tier, Big Bear/Jackson Hole/Vail kinduva mountain resort, mind you. Not to mention that, regardless of your starting off point, gas is only running you $1.25/gallon; so a road trip might be just what the good doctor ordered. Besides, with our Summer Olympic team just having boycotted the games in Moscow; the ongoing Iran hostage crisis in full swing; and, in the wake of the previous year's Three Mile Island nuclear incident (could that be the cause for all of this damned neon?!) as well as the beginning of the long and costly Soviet invasion of Afghanistan (if you haven't read, Charlie Wilson's War, do yourself a favor...okay, okay, the movie was pretty good, too), you're all gonna need a little après-ski before and après the slopes.

Our time machine department has been having considerable trouble locking down a categorization for the music scene of 1980. The Billboard’s Top Hits of that year are ruled by Blondie with “Call Me,” followed by Irene Cara’s “Fame”. Then you got some leftover disco/funk/soul thing going on as we round off the list with the Spinners, Diana Ross, the Pointer Sisters and…wait for it…Captain & Tennille. Yes!

Keeping all that in mind, you might want to grab some of your 8-tracks for this trip. Unless a little ”Funkytown” is just what you need to get through those winding mountain roads. Bring a few extra Rubik’s Cubes for your fellow passengers; and, if you’re bringing the kiddies, we have a whole pile of My Little Ponies, He-Man action figures, and an entire Trapper Keeper full of M.A.S.H. episode trivia to help pass the time.

MTVWherever you’re headed, hopefully they'll have those new devices that play recorded videos through the tube television, pretty sure they’re called VHS players. And if the kids are blasting their MTV too loud, you can just put on your Sony Walkman and listen to some Duran Duran. Maybe sip on a wine cooler or three and talk about this week’s episode of The Wonder Years. Oh, and for those of you who didn't get to experience the 1980s the first go ‘round: MTV did not have any shows, reality or otherwise, when it first came out. They actually played music videos, often terrible and way-way-way out there music videos, 24 hours a day. It’s true.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m planning on powering up my Atari and playing some Centipede; maybe, watch some MacGuyver a little later. Have a totally gnarly Thursday, I hope it’s to the max!

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