5 Tips For Using Pinterest to Boost Your Resale Business

pinterest3Pinterest is a magical place of inspiration. You can build your dream home, window shop the world over, plan out your next DIY Project, or Plan the Perfect Wedding. It is very easy to get sucked up into all the images and you can spend hours pinning the day away without even realizing it. Seriously, once, I started searching for storage auctions, and somehow ended up spending hours looking at unique homes, you know, ones that are built to look like they are upside down and hang from the trees. (Seriously go check it out, there is some interesting stuff...you may or may not thank me later.)

What people sometimes overlook is that Pinterest can also be used as a unique selling platform for their resale business from items that they've won at storage unit auctions, driving traffic to their website, or getting customers to come into their store.Because Pinterest is a visual medium, you can use this to your advantage, showcasing rare, unique, and visually appealing items and generating excitement.

Not convinced yet, check out these statistics!

  • pins with price tags included get 36% more likes than those that don’t,
  • 69% of Pinterest users have found at least one item that they’ve bought or wanted to buy,
  • 80% of users are women (I know, from personal experience, us women love to buy stuff!), and
  • the average American Pinterest user spends 1 hour and 17 minutes on the website.

1.Set up a Pinterest Business account

First things first, you should consider opening up a business account on Pinterest. This isn’t completely necessary, but it’s definitely recommended if you plan to sell products via Pinterest. Simliar to Facebook, a Pinterest business page will make your profile look more professional and more credible.

2. Check out the competition

Checking out the competition is always a good idea so you can get a feel for what you have to do in order to be successful. Start by reviewing what your direct competition is doing in terms of creating engagement, gaining followers and getting more leads. Use Pinterest to search for specific items and brand that you are selling to see the original pin of an item, and the website it came from and the accompanying information to begin forming an idea for how to list your item. Note: If you add a price of any kind in your notes, this will automatically display a price tag for that amount on the item.

3.Make Your Website Pinnable

If you want people to start pinning from your website (which is an incredibly efficient way of spreading the word about your business) then you have to make your website and blog very visual.  It can be challenging to find unique and “pinnable” images on a regular basis.

Many amateur and professional photographers license their work with the Creative Commons license, which means that you can use theses images so long as you provide credit and don’t use the images for commercial purposes. The great part is that these images are often more interesting and exciting than regular stock photos, while also being free! Make sure that you always give credit where it’s due.

4. Know your audience

As with all other social networks, if you want to raise your engagement you have to do some research in order to understand your audience and your potential buyers. You’ll get a feel for what your audience likes to pin and what types of boards they are most interested in. With that information you will then be able to create better boards that your audience will want to follow and share with their friends and followers. You should announce your Pinterest account on your website, online store, and social media sites to start drawing traffic. You should start pinning your items multiple times over so that more and more people see the pins. Part of your research may be running tests to see which items you post get pinned more and how many more pins this generates. (It's a domino effect.) Once you know what works you can begin posting more items like the ones that got many repins.

5. Engage

If you want people to engage with you, then you have to spend some time engaging as well. By regularly liking, commenting and pinning, you stand a much better chance to get more likes and comments from others as well as more followers. Make sure you stay true to your brand and pin only what you feel represents your business well.


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