Ebay Store Tools That Will Help Improve Your Resale Business!

If you’re new to the world of storage unit auctions, you might be overwhelmed with your reselling options and the best way to get your items resold and to begin making money, which is the point, right?

One of the easiest, and most cost effective ways to begin your business, is by creating an eBay account.

It’s a tested, tried and true method for recouping the amount of money that you've spent on the unit, and a means of making additional money so that you can keep attending auctions and growing your business.

You Can Sell Almost Anything on Ebay...

The key to success on eBay is knowing what to sell and utilizing all the tools and features that the site offers their sellers to improve your business.

increase revenue and sales

While there is a market for almost everything on eBay, the one type of item you’ll want to steer clear of selling that is often found in storage auction sales is large pieces of furniture. While finding interested buyers may be easy, once you consider the costs and logistics of shipping these large items, you’ll see that it won’t be worth it in the end. Instead, these items can be sold to local consignment shops, through Craigslist or even donated for tax write off purposes.

Aside from these large pieces of furniture, there is almost nothing that won’t sell on the site. (Teresa True Tale: I was friends with a set of brother’s in high school. And as a practical joke, the older brother created a listing trying to sell his younger brother. Don’t worry, his brother was a good sport and was in on the fun. Before long, they started getting bids. Eventually I think eBay ended up pulling the listing when somebody caught wind of their shenanigans, but the point is, people bid on it!)

Before you get started with your listings, you should decide on the type of account you’d like. You can visit this link to see a full listing of eBay’s various rates and fees for each sale based on your subscription and listing type.

While in the beginning, you may choose to start out with individual listings, once you’ve developed a positive reputation and have built up a regular client base, and a regular supply of inventory, you may find that it is more cost effective to purchase a subscription and to create your own eBay shop. There are many advantages to the shop option, aside from the differences in the fees, the shop options offers you tools to help promote and manage your business. In the following sections we’ll discuss some of these tools and how they can help your resale business become successful!

SEO and Store Branding

Having an Ebay store allows you additional features to help optimize your listings for search engines. If you are serious about your business and making money long term, search engine optimization is very important. You can optimize your store name, and therefore URL, and the store gives you 15 customizable pages. The more pages you have, the more pages that can be listed in a search engine search return! These pages can be customized in terms of branding as well, including the option to create a branded header with merchandising and premium product links. The store option also gives you promotion boxes throughout your store that will allow you to highlight specific pieces of store content and increase sales.

Managing Sales

eBay offers store subscribers with tons of tools for managing sales, including the Markdown manager and the Vacation Hold option.

The Markdown manager is a promotional tool that allows you to markdown specific items to provide savings to your customers. You can promote these sales within your store to drive excitement and awareness and to increase your overall sales! Sales can be easily scheduled and automated for specific listings and categories or applied across all your Store Inventory or Fixed Priced listings. Another promotional tool available with a store is the custom newsletter.

Vacation Hold option allows you to put your store and listings on hold when you are unavailable to process payments and ship products.

Promotional Tools

There are many tools in place to allow you to promote your items and to reach your customers. Some of my favorites are listed below, but the full list of tools is available here.

Off eBay Email Marketing

Keep your customers coming back with customized e-newsletters and promotional emails.


Stores To Go

Showcase your Stores listings on your blog, website, or social networking site with this easy-to-create marketing widget.


Promotional Flyers

Create promotional flyers and include them with your shipments to drive repeat business.


Business collateral templates

Boost your brand and establish a professional image with these downloadable templates.


Search engine keyword management

Optimize your Store for search engines and increase your exposure on the web.

Tracking Your Progress

With eBay store subscriptions, you are given tools that allow you to review daily traffic to your store, unique visitors, how visitors are getting to your store, keyword searches being used in your store and more. These tools can be reviewed regularly to help you analyze your sales strategies and merchandising and to improve them to make a higher return on investment!






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