I've Won a Storage Auction. What Next?

Photoxpress_7125348Congratulations on winning your first storage auction! It's a fun and rewarding experience that lays the groundwork for a successful venture. Tens of thousands of people from across the country earn money from buying and reselling the contents of storage auctions, so why not take your piece of the pie. Assuming this is your first auction, however, you may feel lost or confused regarding what comes next.

Pay the Front Office

Once the auctioneer has declared you as the winning bidder, you should head over to the front office in order to pay for the unit. We've talked about this before on the StorageAuctionList blog, but it's worth mentioning again that the vast majority of self-storage facilities only accept cash as a form of payment for auctions. Therefore, you'll need to bring enough cash to cover the auction. Furthermore, most self-storage facilities also require the winning bidder to pay a cleaning deposit, which is usually around $50-$100 bucks. As long as you clean out the unit and remove all trash, you'll get this money back.

Gear Up

You never know what's inside a storage unit until you begin digging. As such, there could be hazards buried beneath the rubble, including sharp gardening tools, jagged pieces of metal, etc. To protect yourself from these items, it's recommended that you gear up in a pair of heavy-duty gloves and steel-toed boots beforehand. You may also want to wear a headlamp to illuminate your surroundings while leaving your hands free to go through the boxes.

Check the Boxes and Containers

Now is when the real fun begins. Once you've geared up in gloves and boots, you can begin to rummage through the boxes and containers to see what the unit contains. Keep in mind that not every self-storage unit up for auction will contain valuables. In fact, many will contain nothing more that trash and junk. Don't feel discouraged if your first unit isn't a success. With patience and dedication, you'll eventually find the "big one" that makes it worth the time and effort.

Clean the Unit

As we mentioned earlier, you'll need to clean any self-storage units that you win at auction; otherwise, you could end up forfeiting your deposit. This means hauling off any large junk or debris, and then sweeping the floor clean. Once you've thoroughly cleaned the unit, you can return to the front office to receive your cleaning deposit.

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