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After spending months regaling my friend Pete with stories about Storage Unit Auctions and writing a Blog for Storage Unit Auction List,

He FINALLY attended an auction!!

And he bid!!!

And he won!!!

Pete bid on 3 different units and got so caught up with the excitement that he spent top dollar to win!! He got each of the units for $10, $12 and $50!!! Pete was thrilled! For $72, Pete purchased 400 square feet of well…Stuff!!!


“I think I have gone crazy!” Pete screamed into his cell phone when he called me to tell me what he had done.

I hurried over to Pete’s warehouse to see exactly what he had purchased and help him try to turn it into cash.

When I arrived, Pete was moving Doors off his truck into the warehouse. There were wooden doors, aluminum doors, glass doors, old doors and beat up doors. There were boxes of clothes and books and kitchen stuff. But, his great experience in bidding got him a ton of doors.

He looked at me and said “You better have some pretty good ideas!!”

Off to Internetville I went.

I Googled DOORS




Well, there is actually quite a bit out there for

Do It Yourself (DIY) ideas using old doors! (YAY!)

I personally, have used doors for a wide variety of reasons.


My husband and I owned a few restaurants in which the main dining room was just a Gigantic Gymnasium type room. To create intimacy, we hinged doors together to create walls between sections, enclose the wait stations and create a customer flow. Most of these doors could be categorized as “Shabby Chic” and with a few silk ivy vines and flowers looped around them and a sideboard or hutch in front, the atmosphere was very private and personal.

old door and table httpwww.robomargo.comtrash.html DIY craft projects

I have used old doors as a headboard for a bed,

Bed shuttered doors Shutter Door Headboard


stock-photo-high-wooden-door-in-garden-fence-with-barbed-wire-nikolo-uryupino-village-moscow-region-russia-207994171 Shutterstock/Alexander Kuguchin

a trellis in my garden


For a table on saw horses.

table made from door Shutterstock/Barna Tanko


I also have plans in the future to paint an old door in chalkboard paint and lean it in a corner of my kitchen for announcing the menu!

chest door

There are a few places in my studio that I would love to decoupage an old door with roses (antique looking roses) and use it as a backdrop for picture taking!chest drawersewing machine drawer

Another dreamed about project is to remove all of my kitchen cupboard doors (19) and replace them each with a different kind of door all stripped and looking beat up and antique!!

refrigerator art gallery Refrigerator Art Gallery


Hutch art gallery Hutch Art Gallery

My son is looking for a door to hang from runners such as a barn door so that he can close off the girl’s playroom with style


He would like to make a long privacy fence using old doors allowing morning glories and holly hocks to grow all over them.


After giving it a long thought, I told Pete he had actually hit a gold mine with these old doors.

shutterstock_117037936 barn door Shutterstock/bkp


So I started to make a few sketches, printed out a few ideas and took a measuring tape with a shopping list and I think Pete and I are going to open Junque Doors and Stuff!!!

We’ll let you know when we have the Grand Opening!


Here are some other ideas found out there in Internetville:

lissas drawing cat on a door

Well, that's all for now!!

Until Next Time!!!

Keep on Junkin'


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