Retail Hiring Mistakes To Avoid

business-coach-01A team of dedicated and skilled employees is necessary to run any retail store or business. Whether you plan to purchase a preexisting store or launch one from the ground up, you need to carefully choose the right workers in order for it to succeed. The additional time and energy it takes to analyze each and every candidate will pay off with a more efficiently run business. Keep reading for a breakdown of the most common retail hiring mistakes.

Lack of Experience

I can't stress enough the importance of hiring experienced workers for your retail store or business. Check over potential candidates' resumes to determine whether or not they are qualified for the position. If a candidate has previous experience in the retail field, he or she is probably a good choice.

Hiring Based on Gut Feeling

Never base your hiring decisions off a 'gut' feeling. When you're busy performing the 101 other tasks necessary to run a retail store, you might start hiring employees without checking them out first. Nine out of ten times this results in an unqualified candidate taking the job position, which hurts your  business in the long run. Rather than going with your gut, read through the candidates' resumes and separate them into three stacks: definite, maybe and no.

Not Conducting Interviews

Once you've separated the job candidates' resumes into three stacks, you should call the ones located in the 'definite stack for an interview. Far too many store owners overlook the importance of performing interviews. While it may not seem essential, interviews give owners the opportunity to ask more questions to the candidates in a face-to-face atmosphere. After all, candidates can spend countless hours doctoring up their resumes at home, but it's a whole different story when they're being asked to answer questions during an interview.

No Accountant

Retail stores can always benefit from the professional services of an accountant. Don't try to save money by performing the accountant work by yourself. Instead, call around to multiple accountants in your area for some quotes. They'll be able to handle all of your paperwork, documentation and tax information so you can focus strictly on running your business. Of course, you'll want to choose a licensed, experienced contractor that you can trust. Don't make the mistake of hiring the first one you come across in the phone book or online. Spend an evening or so calling around and researching different accountants to determine which one is the best match for your store.

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