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Way back when selling things on the Internet was pretty new to most of us (about 10 12 years ago), my son talked me into trying to get rich by selling my stuff!!!

He had entered the world of Ebay and was having great success selling his computer games and controllers and parts and other odds and ends that teenagers found interesting. He had set up a Paypal account and was moving along with a fair amount of money earned!!

So I looked through all the things that I owned, collected, saved and treasured and decided that I could part with one small vase!


I had been collecting Roseville, USA, McCoy and Fiesta pottery for years and most of my pieces I dearly loved because each had come with a story.  But, there was one vase that was, quite simply, ugly.  It was a Roseville Hyacinth flower vase and the only reason I kept it was because I had found it at a garage sale for a quarter!!!!!


So my son took half a dozen pictures and showed me how to upload them onto an Ebay page and then describe the vase so that it had the correct words to create traffic and how to then set up the auction.  In those days, there were no “Buy it Now” abilities so you had to go through a 5, 7 or 10 day auction period.  We set it up to be a 7-day auction with a starting bid of $1.


Well…I became obsessed!!!!


There is no other word for it!!!! OBSESSED!!!  I watched that auction every-single-hour! I watched to see who was watching the auction, who was bidding; where they were from and was amazed that people were actually looking at MY listing!!! Me! My listing!!! Sitting here at my computer desk!!! They were looking from all over the World!!!

It was truly exciting!!!!!


By the 7th day, I simply kept the auction up on the screen all day and tried to go about my business!  By the final hour, the entire family was gathered around my computer screen like families of old sat around the fire or the radio!!!!


The bids started coming in faster, then faster and then A WAR.  Back and forth and back and forth and then…..finally…..the final moment….the final bid…..$110!!!!!!!!!

And I bought that little old vase for a quarter!!!!!!!


The next few days, our home turned into Ebay central!  We were pulling things out of the basement, the shed, the storage unit, the restaurant we owned and taking pictures like it was prom night!!!! I wrote the descriptions of the items, my husband uploaded the pictures.  My son and I divided the products between us so that we could keep a tight eye on our inventory.  It was exciting!  It was frantic!  It was profitable.


But a few weeks into this venture, we started to run out of things we wanted to get rid of.  The trips to the post office became time consuming.  Ebay began to charge for every little nuance of our description and somehow the glow and glory wore off. And we went back to life, as we knew it!


Now, I find myself listing things for sale on occasion on Ebay, more often on my local Facebook swip swap, craigslist rarely and most of the time I will join someone’s garage sale to try to get rid of these tidbits from around the house.


As an artist, I sell most of my work through galleries and their websites, my etsy shop and on my facebook page.


But, I am to the point now that I really need to consider another alternative since the house is ready to burst with all my treasures!!!! It is a GOOD THING:   Treasures in –Treasures out!!!


So I was excited to see develop a classified page!!!! If you haven’t seen it yet check it out!!!!

I am listing my painted chairs, my hand made/hand painted cat pillows, a high chair and a handmade china tower.   I’ll keep you informed on how I do!!!!!

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Let the Excitement of the Sale Begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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