3 Ways to Find Storage Auctions

justice-510742_960_720So, you're thinking about venturing into the exciting and lucrative world of buying and selling items at storage auctions? It's a fun endeavour that can yield some pretty sizable profits when done correctly. While not every storage unit you come across is going to contain valuables, some of them will -- and those select few units may allow you to turn a notable profit. However, you'll need to find the storage auctions first, which is something that we're going to discuss today.

Call Around

One way to find storage auctions is to simply call around and ask. Pull out the local phone book, and start calling the self-storage facilities in your area to see if and when they are hosting auctions. Not every facility participates in auctions, but you'll find that many do. Make a note of which storage facilities host auctions, as well as when their next auction is occurring. This alone should reveal a decent number of storage auctions.

Ask others

Don't be afraid to ask others about upcoming storage auctions. Newcomers may be hesitant to converse with other bidders, viewing them as competition. While it's true that other bidders are competitors, most of them are friendly and polite. So when you're standing around waiting for the auctioneer to cut the lock, walk up and introduce yourself to some of the other bidders. After befriending them, you can ask if they know of any upcoming auctions. Some bidders may share their auctions with you, and others won't. Regardless, this is a great way to find new storage auctions while making some friends in the process.

Storage Auction List

Of course, one of the easiest ways to find new storage auctions is to subscribe to a list, such as the one offered here at StorageUnitAuctionList. Instead of wasting your valuable time and energy trying to seek out storage auctions, you'll have a list of all upcoming auctions sent directly to your inbox. Upon receiving this list, you can filter out the ones that are located within your area, taking note of when and where they are occurring. Investing in a storage auction list such as this will prove to be well worth the price, as it eliminates the otherwise tedious and time-consuming task of having to find storage auctions.

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