6 Reasons Why Storage Auction Hunting is Like New Romance (Part 2 of 2)

What else does the thrills of a new fling share with starting and maintaining a career as romance in storage auctions storage auction pro?  Here's the rest of yesterday's list.  Nothing but love!

#4. They both take a lot of faith, but as M.L.K. said, “you don’t have to see the whole staircase.  Just take the first step.”

So, everything with the new person is coming together, inclining you in the direction of love, even if though weren’t even looking for it (which is often ironically the case).  But maybe the wild night with her seemed blurry and indecipherable in some ways.  Maybe you were just in a good mood that night.  Do you go out on the proverbial limb again, even if you’ve been burned somewhat recently?

There are a few first steps that a brand new storage hunter must take, each requiring they go out on a small limb.  First, obviously, is getting the auction data you need.  Subscribing to our unbeatable, nationwide list of storage auctions, even if for just a monthly trial (as low as $5/month, in some states), is going to grant you access to the quantity of trial run auctions you’re going to need in order to get a taste of the culture, how bidding wars go, and most importantly, get your eyes teeming with the goods you can acquire even in average lockers. Call it window shopping.

Next, your simply going to have clear out a weekly time commitment to get in a few trial runs, giving yourself a near future deadline of when you feel you must win a locker by so you can get started with the longer leg of the journey.  Simultaneously, you’re going to have to flip off Storage Wars (the “WWE” version of Ultimate Fighting if you will) and start setting up shop.

  • Create an Ebay Store for prized goods that won’t fetch anything at a Consignment Shop, but could bring a lot when shipped to the right buyer.
  • Get a manual of values on the most common items that you will find behind the metal doors that are always sellable and begin memorizing these values.  Winning, especially in such a rigorous industry, is determined by making profits off of lockers, not simply winning units in general.
  • Start mapping out your town for Consignment stores that will take your run of the mill goods (as long as they are in good condition) and sell them for you, as well as a good appraiser.

The first idea to ponder here is “where are the venues for value, and why should I take this item here instead of there?

#5. You Will Not Have Lots of Time to Think Solely About Yourself Anymore (which is good for a person)

A bad relationship, at the end of the day, is still about you.  By all appearances, you’re invested in the relationship: showing up in public together, changing your relationship status on Facebook (*cringe*), and doing typical date things, like going to “The Hunger Games premier.  Yet, you still know in the back of your head you’re looking out for number one and will be until further, definitive feedback from your friends or the universe are provided.

When you first begin winning, moving, cleaning, and selling units, either the hard work you’ve put in is going to be rewarding and addicting (probable outcome), or just too different for you to go all out with it, to blend into your lifestyle, to make a commitment to getting better at the trade.  Sure, nobody’s heart is going to be on the line, but unless you make a commitment to becoming a whiz at appraising a unit’s contents, bidding accordingly, and discerning the proper resale avenues (CraigsList, Ebay, consignment, yard sales, K-Bid.com, etc.) not giving your undivided attention to the complexities of this profession (or, for the metaphors sake, the new girlfriend/boyfriend)  is going to spell a quick end for you.

At the same time though, there are much less consequences of learning as you going along in the auction world.  Not so much with romance.

#6. If You Take a Break, it’s Not the End of the World

We all know how romances get after a while.  They make you turn into “that guy” (or girl).  The one who is never around anymore, or when they are, they aren’t much fun.  Where everything was once beautiful and bubbly, like frolicking through a field of poppy flowers, now you may have pushed out everything, all for the sake of spending every waking second with the love bunny.  After six months or a year, it may be painfully clear that you have funnelled virtually all of your focus into a single person and that is time to step back and reexamine what sacrifices you have made, and how to get them back!

Simililarly,  you can get on a major role with storage auction hunting, especially give to the fact that storageunitauctionlist.com can provide you with an a data list to put you at auctions four times a week, if that's the desire. Easy partner!  Don’t kick your three year old son out of his crib yet just for storage space.  We really want you to experience the auction hunting underworld to the fullest, but it is at least a part time job if you are going to make any money at it, so plan accordingly.

Life is a delicate balance.  We recommend that as you embark on this trade, involve close friends and family in as many ways as you can.  Bring them home gifts from the lockers.  Let your kids post some things on Ebay for you for allowance money.  Involve them in your interest as you continually stockpile, test, sort, sell, and throwaway 2nd hand goods in your living space, then repeat.  Tell them to let you know when you need to take some time off from the entrepenurial runaway train you may find yourself on.

See, that’s how storage hunting is not like a love fling. Storage hunting is only going to make you proud of yourself overall, as long as you are not throwing money at the process stupidly with no business tact, or neglecting your other passions, hobbies, and loved ones.  There are so infinitesimal lockers out there to be had, you don’t have to sit there crying with a bottle of whiskey saying trite, stupid stuff like “there’s plenty of fish out there in the ocean” when you know you are just missing the person you went head over heels for.

The difference is this: you can break from, and revitalize, your relationship with storage auction lockers at your leisure with little to no consequences. Not so with the love life, unfortunately.

So, for all of the irreplacable and thrilling things that unexpected romance and the pursuit of storage hunting can bring, we only ask you two things: count the cost beforehand, and make sure you are maintaining a good life balance at all times.  Even if you are young, single, currently unemployed, and rip-roaring ready to start claiming lockers, balance is key.

And of course, the purpose of this list is to illustrate points in a more relatable way, so don’t think you are running the same emotional risks between lockers and lovers.  As the list shows, it is pretty much all good things that they share.

Happy hunting, for love and for lockers.

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