Attend Regular Auctions to Improve Your Storage Auction Skills

sotheby's auctionOne thing you should remember when attending storage auctions that you may not initially think of offhand ... a storage auction is an auction.

This sounds pretty obvious, but the whole culture of storage auctions has been pretty overwhelmed with hype due to the popularity of reality TV shows like Storage Wars and Storage Hunters. While it's a different type of auction, it's still an auction.

So, naturally, attending regular auctions at auction houses will help you improve your skills as a storage auction goer.

The Advantages of Attending Regular Auctions

Local auction communities are generally pretty small. This is a good thing for you storage auction hunters. When you attend these regular auctions, it'll be easy for you to spot the experts. Finding them will help you get an idea of how the pros win auctions. You can learn all sorts of nuances that you probably wouldn't learn from just going to storage auctions. And, of course, this will give you an edge when trying to win your next storage unit.

Another important person to study is the auctioneer. If you're simply attending an auction to observe, it will be a lot easier to focus on the seemingly nonsensical "auctioneer's chant", and truly understand what all of the slang means (in fact, we've written a great article on the auctioneer slang to help get you started!). Understanding your auctioneer is crucial to your success, and knowing when to bid, who's bidding, and how much.

Developing friendships with the auction pros can also help you specialize in certain products. Usually, an auction pro will have specific knowledge in something like antiques or collectibles. This will help you spot things when the locker door goes up that others may not see. In fact, if you find a certain item that you know they'd be interested in, you might even have a selling connection! can help you find the auctions, and these pros will help you refine your skills in winning profitable bins!

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