Avoid Nightmare Storage Units

halloweenHalloween is tomorrow! How did that happen and where did the rest of October go? While children wait all year long to go out searching for treats door to door, as a storage auction hunter you regularly go trick or treating, going door to door at each storage auction, waiting for the door to open and anticipating how much loot you'll walk away with.

Each storage unit auction you attend is a toss up. Some units contain your favorite treats, and some units may appear to hold your favorite treasures, but you've actually been tricked and they contain the equivalent of receiving dental floss and an apple in your bucket instead. These nightmare units can end up costing you money, time and energy! As Shaggy from Scooby Doo would say, "Zoinks!"

How do you determine which units are which and only bid on the best of the best, leaving those undesirable units for others to haggle over? There is no one right answer to this question and there are no guarantees. However, we've provided a few tips to get you started.

Don't Bid On Individual Items

screamWhile it can be tempting to bid on one or two choice items that you can see from the door, avoid the temptation. While those items may seem like the treats you've been searching for and just have to have, sometimes looks can be deceived. Once you get up close, you may find that the item is damaged or completely broken, or deteriorated and can't be sold and isn't valuable as a collectible. This is worse than a visit from Freddy, Leatherface, Jason, Michael Myers and Ghostface, and my personal worst fear come to life-the Leprechaun combined! Or, you may simply be wrong about what the item is, its authenticity and age, or  other important factors that are difficult to determine without an up close and personal examination.

Bid on What You Can See With Caution

clawmarkDon't Bid On Individual Items as you examine the unit from the door, taking in the unit as a whole and not just specific items, you do have to use some intuition on what you see to try to determine what your bid should be. You do have to take those individual items into consideration, as well as how the unit is organized, how the boxes have been kept, what types of boxes were used during the packing process and look for clues based on what you can see. For example, if you see a dining room table but no chairs, consider that the chairs may be hidden within the unit and factor all of these pieces of knowledge or assumptions into your final bid. Also consider what ghosts and goblins and haunted items could be lurking around in the shadows and factor that into your bid as well.

Don't Overbid

axeAs Norman Bates said in Psycho, we all go a little mad sometimes. It is human nature to be competitive. Letting that energy get the best of you during the middle of the storage auction is the worst possible time to let your dark side take over. Instead, remember that making enemies at storage auctions is never a good idea. Do you really want to risk making someone mad who could eventually help you survive the impending zombie apocalypse? Not  to mention someone you could do business with. The last thing you want is the competition pulling a Carrie on you, because boy will your face be RED and that's not a good look for anybody. You wouldn't want someone to cast a spell on you, so remember to keep it civil and professional. Don't lose your cool and wolfman out on someone during a bidding session, because in the end you'll make more enemies than necessary and you may end up spending more money on a storage unit than it is actually worth because you lost your head and hopefully only metaphorically...

Mwahahaha! Have a Happy Halloween from Storage Unit Auction List!

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