Heavy Lifting at Storage Auctions

carrying boxesIn this industry you see a lot of picking up, a lot of moving and a lot of stuff. All together; a perfect recipe for a back injury. Lift with your knees!

Check out these helpful tips for lifting heavy objects properly, as seen on our Hubpages article "How to Move the Contents of Your Storage Unit Without Mortally Wounding Yourself".

The More the Merrier

First and foremost, you should always have a helper on the day of the storage auction. Whether it’s your best friend, business partner, or your teenage son and a gaggle of his friends, you should always have someone who can help you out. Not only is a partner indispensable in helping you move your product, it’s a good idea to have an outside opinion in general on which units to buy or even which auctions to go to. You’ll probably have a lot more fun, too!

Keep on Truckin’

At the very least, you should have a pickup truck with lots of room in the back. But a moving van-- or even better, a moving truck—is going to be a lot more helpful when it comes time to move those monster pieces of furniture. If you don’t have the financial means to transport larger goods at this point in the game, you should probably reconsider bidding on any larger ticket lockers unless you have an exact plan in your mind on how to transport your goods.

Lift With Your Legs!

lift with your legsOnce you’ve finally found the proper man power to move everything…here comes the fun part: the heavy lifting. This is something that needs to be taken very seriously, as the prospect of serious injury is very real.

First and foremost, just like your grandpappy probably told you, lift with your legs, not with your back. Improper lifting is a great way to throw out your back or pull a muscle, both of which can be incredibly painful and even temporarily debilitating.

The best way to lift with your legs is to crouch down, grab the item securely and close to your chest, and slowly lift the weight with your legs, keeping your back as straight as possible. Obviously, this is where the having a partner thing comes in handy.

Heavy Lifting Fashion

There are definitely a few fashion staples that you should have for heavy lifting. Probably the most important would be steel toed boots, which will protect you if the unthinkable happens and you lose your grip, sending a 100 pound TV to crash down directly on your big toe. Trust me, you;ll be glad you invested in these when this day comes.

Other important accessories include thick work gloves to give you a better grip and prevent splinters and cuts from broken glass, as well as knee pads to prevent bruising or discomfort when kneeling down for long periods of time. While not the most stylish accessories in the world, they’re definitely very helpful!

mouse lifting weightsNow You’re Lifting Like the Pros!

Okay, so you didn't win an Olympic gold medal for weight lifting, but you did a pretty awesome job getting that cabinet in your moving van. Just follow these steps every time and you’ll be doing great! And when in doubt of these helpful tips, just remember: you don’t want your last words to be “Piece of cake, I can lift this myself!”

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