Did You Know? Items You Can Recycle for Cash

recycling-90481_960_720Not every storage unit that you come across at auction is going to be filled with high-end valuables. On the contrary, many will contain nothing more than boxes and old items. But before you toss those old items away, you should check to see if they can be recycled. Even if you are unable to sell them, you may be able to recycle them for a small profit.

Computer Monitors and Televisions

Granted, if a computer monitor or television works, it's probably best to keep it. Even old "box-style" TVs are in high demand, albeit with a lower selling value than modern-day flat-screen TVs. But if you find a TV or computer that is obviously broken to the point where it can no longer be feasibly repaired, you should try recycling it. Many recycling centers will gladly pay for electronics such as this, as they contain precious metals like gold and silver that can be used for other purposes.

Scrap Metal

Of course, you can always recycle scrap metal for cash as well. Some storage units at auction are riddled with scrap metal, especially those previously owned by mechanics or similar professionals. Instead of throwing away this scrape metal, though, you should recycle it for a profit.

Car Batteries

You might be surprised to learn that old car batteries can fetch as much as $20 bucks a piece, depending on their quality and condition. So if you come across a car battery inside a storage unit, try taking it to the local scrap yard. Recycling just a couple car batteries can make an otherwise "bad" storage auction profitable. And besides, you'll get a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that you are contributing to a clean environment.

Printer Cartridges

Another somewhat surprising item that can be recycled for cash is printer cartridges. There are several companies out there who will gladly pay for used printer cartridges. Even the national retaining store Staples will accept used printer cartridges, although they pay with store credit instead of cash. Used printer cartridges are typically refilled and then resold, which is why so many companies are eager to take them. Once refilled with ink, they can be used just like any other printer cartridge.

These are just a few common items that can be recycled for cash.

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