How to Maximize Space in a Self-Storage Unit

8112704313_251168e405_zRenting a self-storage unit is a great way to free up space inside (and outside) your home. If your space bedrooms and garage are filled with clutter, then perhaps a self-storage unit is the right answer. According to Wikipedia, there are more than 46,000 such facilities operating in the United States -- a number that's expected to grow even higher in the years to come. But if you're thinking about a renting a storage unit, you need to know how to effectively organize and store your items.

Large Items Against the Wall

A good rule of thumb to follow when using a self-storage unit is to place large items against the wall first. This may include things like appliances (e.g. washing machine, dryer, refrigerator), as well as dressers, chest of drawers, shelving units, motorcycles, antique decorations, etc. Placing large items such as these up against the wall of your unit will allow you to squeeze more items inside; thereby, maximizing your available space.

Avoid Awkward-Shaped Boxes and Containers

It's also worth mentioning that you should avoid using awkward-shaped boxes or other containers in your self-storage unit. If two containers won't stack, you shouldn't use them. Instead, you should stick with standard square and/or rectangular-shaped containers. You can buy plastic containers for about $5-$10 bucks a piece, which is a small price to pay for the protection and convenience they offer.

Don't Store 'Loose' Items in Your Unit

Many tenants make the mistake of tossing items into their unit before first placing them in storage containers. Why is this a problem? Well, loose items will only clutter and consume your available space, leaving less space for other items. So before adding any new items to your self-storage unit, place them into a container. Even if it's a basic cardboard box, storing your items in containers will maximize your available space.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Renting a self-storage unit isn't something that you can set and forget. You must clean and organize it on a regular basis to ensure your items are protected and properly stored. So, try to get into the habit of going through your unit at least once a month, removing unnecessary items, throwing away the trash, and sweeping away the dust. Depending on the size of your unit, this shouldn't take very long, but it will help protect your items from damage while maximizing your space in the process.

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