Never Give Up!

charlie brownIf you're just starting out with storage auctions, it may seem impossible that this business model could make you a full-time income. In fact, you may have been at it for a while now and you're thinking about giving up. While that may seem like a feasible option, would like to give you a better one.


There is but one strategy that will transform the fun hobby of being a storage auction hunter into a full-time income and business. This strategy isn't some new secret or technique that only professionals know (though, I'm sure, they practice it). So, what is this strategy?


It is simply the discipline of being consistent.


This is easier blogged about than done, and much easier to get discouraged when you buy a bin, only to find the contents therein are basically worthless. Here are some tips to help you stay consistent and see it through. You'll be glad you did when you start seeing a profit from storage auctions.

Roll With the Punches

So, you spent a few hundred dollars and the bin you won isn't going to bring you in as much as you'd hoped. It might be hard, but you have to move on. Keep telling yourself easy come, easy go--even if it isn't so easy. If this is something you really want, all it the financial strife will be worth it in the end. Get excited about the next auction and how much you're going to make from it.

Don't Expect to Get Rich Quick

As with any business, profiting from storage auctions is not going to make you rich over night. If you go to a few auctions and you can't quit your job yet, it doesn't mean it's not worth it to keep trying. Most businesses take years to just break even. Stay consistent and you will see returns. Consistency is also important when selling your goods--make sure you always have new products to sell on eBay or to bring to the swap meet. People aren;t going to buy if they see the same old junk week after week.

Remember to Have Fun

Of course, we all want to make money from storage auctions ... but it's also exciting and fun. Remember why you're doing it. Instead of getting discouraged, just think about how much fun you had and how much fun the next auction will be. Then think about how much fun it'll be to go to auctions all the time as a full-time storage auction hunter.

A great way to stay consistent with storage auctions is knowing when and where the next auction in your area is taking place. is has complete listings in all 50 sites. Sign up today!

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