How to Secure Your Storage Unit

sign-robbery-4681767-lAre you doing enough to protect your self-storage unit from theft? It's not something that most people want to think about -- especially if you have valuables stored inside -- but theft does occur. According to a recent study conducted by the MiniCo Insurance Agency, as much as 7% of all self-storage facilities in the U.S. had experienced a break-in in 2012. While this number 18.2% from 2010, theft is a serious problem that shouldn't be ignored.

Choosing the Right Storage Facility

The first step towards protecting your property from theft is to choose the right storage facility. According to some reports, there are more than 50,000 self-storage facilities operating in the U.S. Some of these facilities have strong security measures to prevent burglary and vandalism, while others do not. When choosing a facility, look for things like video surveillance cameras, fences, gates, and lighting -- these are elements that will deter potential burglars. You can also ask the manager what additional steps he or she takes to prevent burglary.

The Lock

Of course, you should also bring your own lock to secure your storage unit. Even if the facility offers you a free lock, it's still recommended that you bring your own. You have to remember that some self-storage facilities keep and use the same locks from unit to unit. And if the same type of lock is being used on multiple units, several people may have a working key for it. To prevent any issues from occurring, it's recommended that you bring your own lock and key.

Insure It

Have you thought about purchasing insurance for your self-storage unit? Let's hope it never happens, but if you are ever the victim of a burglary, you can rest assured knowing that you will be reimbursed for the fair-market value of the items from your insurance company. The only downside, however, is that customers are usually required to pay/meet a deductible with their insurance company. So if a burglar breaks into your self-storage unit and steals $1,500 worth of property, and your deductible is $500, you would receive $1,000 back. That's still a heck a lot of better than being out the full $,1500, though.

Conceal Valuables

Last but not least, make sure your valuables are hidden from plain sight. When you open the door to your storage unit, it shouldn't reveal your valuables. There's nothing wrong with storing high-dollar items here, but they should be concealed in a manner that prevents outsiders from seeing them.

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