Storage Auction Tips For The Winter Season


Some storage unit hunters automatically throw in the towel and call it quits during the winter season. The cold temperatures and unpredictable climate add a new dynamic to this competitive business. However, this can actually prove beneficial, as it discourages newcomers from attending auctions. If you're willing to put forth the effort, you'll find the winter months are a lucrative time for storage auctions.

Yes, you'll have to endure cold weather and potentially even snow, sleet and rain when attending a storage unit auction during the winter. As previously mentioned, though, this actually works to your advantage by discouraging others from attending. And when there's fewer people bidding on the storage units, you'll have an easier time winning at a low price.

Beware of Damaged Items

Just because an item in a storage unit looks unscathed doesn't necessarily mean it's functional. If the storage unit isn't temperature/humidity-regulated, electronics like televisions, video game consoles, stereo systems, karaoke machines, etc. may be damaged. Cold temperatures and fluctuating humidity can wreck havoc on electronics, causing connections to rust and transistors to fry.

Use your best judgement when scanning a storage unit to determine whether or not the items are damaged. If your believe winter weather damaged the items, you should either bid low or avoid bidding altogether.

Confirm The Auction

It's a good idea to call the day prior and confirm the auction is still taking place. Each and every self-storage facility has its own unique way of doing this. Some will hold auctions through intense winter storms, whereas others will postpone auctions at the first sight of bad weather. Failing to confirm ahead of time could result in a wasted trip, at which point you'll be forced to return on the new auction date/time.

Tips For Staying Warm at a Winter Storage Unit Auction:

  • Dress in several different layers. Storage unit auctions may last anywhere from half an hour to 4+ hours. Dressing in layers will allow you to remain comfortable as the sun comes out and the temperature rises.
  • Bring a pair of gloves. I can't stress enough the importance of wearing gloves at a storage auction, especially during the winter. A pair of heavy-duty gloves will protect your fingers form the unknown items scattered throughout the storage units, and it will keep your fingers warm.
  • Wear insulated socks and boots.
  • Drink a hot beverage, such as coffee, tea or cocoa, while attending storage auctions during the winter.
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