The Complete Guide To Refurbishing Found Furniture: Part 1

One Man's Trash...

It is no secret that storage lockers are often full of old furniture. Occasionally the furniture is rare or an antique (or both) and can be sold on its own to make a healthy profit.


broken furniture

More often than not, the furniture that you find in your units will be inexpensive, run of the mill pieces. These pieces may serve as your bread and butter, but they lack the “wow” factor. You may even find yourself regularly running across what appears to be unsellable garbage. Before you get discouraged, take another look. With a little stick-to-itiveness, and a DIY attitude, you’ll be able to turn trash into unique treasure!

Online Inspiration

At first glance, you may see nothing but junk. Luckily, the internet is a great place to get inspiration. Here are my five favorite sites for getting the creative juices flowing!



Pinterest is great because you can get inspiration from anywhere on the web and pin items to boards that you create and manage. You can search categories such as DIY&Crafts and Home Décor to start finding ideas right away! Create a board for each piece of furniture you intend to refurbish. Include specific paint/color options, how-to-guides, and more to help create a solid plan for completing your project and keep yourself organized as you set your plan in motion.

Etsy is one of my favorite crafty spots. You can browse various categories to find ideas on just about anything.  Not only is Etsy a great place to gather inspiration for refurbishing your old items, but after you’ve completed a project, you can use it to sell your items! Check out part one of our blog, The Storage Buyer’s Guide to Using for helpful tips on this. Finish reading part two here!



Flickr is an image hosting community where you can search and browse to your hearts content on any phrase. Think outside the box to get the most out of Flickr. Not only can you find images on DIY and furniture restoration, but you can take that beautiful picture of the sunset, and incorporate those awesome colors into your next project idea!




Tumblr allows people to create their own blogs and share content with others. You can search for any phrase or tag to find entire blogs dedicated to your needs. Tumblr is invaluable because you can connect, ask questions and get advice from other DIY aficionados to keep your project running smoothly.



stumble upon

Stumbleupon is similar to Pinterest.  All you have to do is select several categories when you start, and it will populate content from all over the web on a single page for you! You can help refine your page by disliking certain items until you have your page narrowed down to your specific tastes.



Stay tuned for part two of the blog, where I'll provide information on what you'll need to get started and part three, where I'll give you ten tips to refurbish your furniture!


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